Was “Idol” cancelled? Why is the season finale showing next week


If caught idol Episode 4 “Stars Belong to the World” last night on HBO or the aboveYou might have been surprised when a teaser for next week’s episode said it was “the season finale.” Could it be a realistic fact? It is the first season of idol It ended after only five episodes? After all, there are still plenty of plot lines up in the air, from Jocelyn’s (Lily Rose Depp(big tour to destiny or not)Davin Joy Randolph) and Cayem (Hank Azaria(He can stop Tedros)Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye) before it goes away. how long idol end of the season? Could it be next week???

Here’s everything you need to know idolThe upcoming epilogue, from why the first season was only five episodes long to whether or not The Idol was actually canceled…

when it will be idol Season 1 finale?

idolSeason 1 comes to a close next week on Sunday, July 2. There are only five episodes idol Season 1, meaning that next week will wrap up the main themes of this first season.

what is the time idol end of the season?

idol The season 1 finale will premiere on HBO and Max at 9 PM ET on Sunday, July 2.

Why idol The first season too short? Why are there only five episodes in idol?

Why are there only five episodes in the first season? idol? Why does the heart hurt? What happens when we die? I don’t have an answer to any of these questions, but I do know idol It was originally supposed to be six episodes.

Delivery time I reported in 2021 that HBO had picked up idol to be a “six-episode series”. The series was created by Sam Levinson, The Weeknd, and Reza Fahim, but Amy Seimetz was supposed to direct all six episodes and Joe Epstein was the showrunner. but, Rolling Stone reported that Seimetz left the show over 80% through production and trance Writer, director and EP Sam Levinson handled directing and presenting duties. All scripts are written by Levinson, but are based on stories by Levinson and The Weeknd. In addition, there is a writing staff that includes Marlis Yurcisin, Nick Bilton, and Howard A. Rodman.

So at some point during Seimetz’s transition to Levinson, the first season show shrank from six installments to five.

He is idol canceled? HBO will make idol Season 2?

Rumors are already swirling about it idol It is doomed to be cancelled. Page six She stated that not only was the series seen as a limited series, but that The Weeknd’s defining behavior and lackluster ratings had quashed any chatter of a renewal.

HBO responded to this report in a public statement that followed Twitter: “It was erroneously reported that a decision on season two of The Idol has been made. It hasn’t, and we look forward to sharing the next episode with you Sunday night.”

Ratings for idol Declined dramatically after the controversial series premiere, it’s unclear if the show will be able to catch up with viewers before the July 2nd season finale.

Still, you never know. It could bounce back in the ratings or HBO might want to continue the sordid saga of Jocelyn and Tedros for creative reasons. idol Not finished yet.

idol The season 1 finale premieres Sunday, July 2.


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