Twitter Marketing Strategies That Work For Small Businesses

     Do you want to know how Twitter’s platform and marketing strategy is changing the social landscape? You’re not alone. Twitter has released a report on upcoming trends in marketing called The Conversation, Twitter Trends 2022. How does marketing correlate between social communication and consumers? This report outlines the details.

     Some key points are of social interaction are fan bases. People aren’t content to be linear in their interactions. Twitter interacts with their audience directly, and allows for businesses to interact directly with consumers. Think about your favorite brand of sandwich. On Twitter, one can directly tell the business exactly what you think. A simple example is the return of the Taco Bell Mexican pizza from the overwhelming response by the happy consumers. Do how does social media fit in with a marketing presence? At this very moment, it’s common to use Facebook to interact with family, to Instagram a particularly good dish or quote, and Twitter is no exception. Fans of companies are overnight famous for participating in roasts, or being able to discuss ideas directly. The communication is no longer one sided. The conversation can go straight to the top of the business food chain, with the immediacy of messaging systems.

     Another area covered by The Conversation is finance. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is yet new, but millionaires have been made. New ways of payments are being made, and Twitter is enjoying the limelight as the forerunner for viral quotes, and memes that can be shared near instantaneously. And because the social landscape is nonlinear, the changes affect the marketing strategy and forms of accepting payments. If you think this doesn’t affect the average person, consider how many platforms accept Paypal for bill pay or financing compared to just five years ago.

      So what’s the takeaway here? How can businesses change their strategy to accommodate old forms with new perspectives? By integration of current technology and an understanding of their audience. People aren’t satisfied with buying something just because it’s what has always been done. Market research can evaluate what markets are prevalent and likely to be lucrative. A well rounded business plan will include social media presence, and Twitter is happily a part of a growing increase in social media interactions between businesses and consumers. For more information on The Conversation and to access the full report, visit

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