The Most Played Online Games at the Moment

As the online games sector booms and more games than ever are now available online and on our smart mobile devices, it’s worth knowing a little about what’s trending and what type of games are most played at the moment. This article briefly describes the game genres that are most played and hot in the current times.

Word games and puzzles

Even before Wordle was bought and popularized online, word games were trending. In fact, in 2020, the word game genre was noted as the next big emerging games market, and this has proven true. Word games and puzzles have seen a huge resurgence and now top the list of the most played games that there are online. These puzzles and word games are generally found on apps and played on smart mobile devices, making them the most accessible games that there are (think Snake and Tetris on the mobile phones of old).

Online casino games

The online casino sector is another entertainment sector that has simply boomed in the last few years and is now widely played online around the globe. The games are becoming more immersive, and as the graphics, music and all-around gaming experience improve, it is the brick-and-mortar concerns that have seen a reduction in actual player numbers. The best way to join this trend is to learn about the different games and platforms available, such as the Australian online casino, and then choose one based on the reviews and recommendations from other players.

First-person shooter games


The development of first-person shooter games has seen the rise of games with less gore and more personalization than ever before. First-person shooters have dominated the best seller lists since the days of Doom, but Call of Duty or Battleground has brought something totally new to this genre. The ability to lose yourself in the game is more akin to an adventure and fantasy genre. Yes, there’s shooting, but these games have matured, and as such, remain some of the most played games at the moment.

Competitive gaming

Computer gamers now look at their gaming pastime as a possible career path. It is this idea of the route to highly paid professional gaming that has taken social media platforms by storm. Hence the boom in popularity in anything that can be played against someone else or can be an interesting team sport to watch. FIFA, NFL Madden 22, Fortnite, League of Legends and Dota 2 are but a few of the top competitive gaming scenes out there. Viewing numbers have soared and social media sites dedicated to gaming, and watching others game competitively has become big business. All the game genres mentioned in this article can be played competitively and show why this is such a popular gaming genre at the moment.

These are the top trending games online at the moment, and having some ideas of these will provide you with a range of new entertainment options that you may not have thought of.

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