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Digital marketing tactics are constantly shifting, which is why it’s important to stay up to date with the latest tools. Without marketing tools, you can have the best strategy in the game, but you won’t be able to execute it efficiently, which gives your competition an edge. There are many different types of marketing tools including web forms, email, CRMs, and analytics, and then there are more specialised tools designed for tracking keywords and designing content. Throughout this article, we will discuss the most popular digital tools every marketer should be using.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool from the largest search engine and is an essential addition to any website. This fantastic tool will show you details about your web traffic, including how many visitors you get, where they’re from, and where they linger. Further, you can set up personal goals for conversion tracking and monitor user engagement.

Analytics is an important part of any business, which is why it’s used to inform marketing strategies. If you want to take your business to the next level and beat out the competition, consider studying for a masters in business analytics at Aston University, where you will gain the skills necessary to survive the shifting business landscape.


Hubspot is a digital marketer’s best friend because it’s essentially a guide to online marketing and is constantly updated to stay relevant. If you’re scaling up your business and have the revenue, you can make the most of their enterprise package for around £3000 per month. This may sound like a lot, but the tools available will give you an impressive ROI if used correctly. Alternatively, if you want to keep spending low, you can use their CRM, email tools, live chat software, and web forms completely free.


Trello is a web-based tool that’s designed perfectly for content management, and lends itself to brainstorming ideas, which is essential in the remote age we live in. As well as offering a useful tool, Trello is free for small businesses, which means you can try it out without damaging your marketing budget. After signing up and assigning users, the interface is simple, and tasks are split up using Kanban-style lists.


Moosend offers solutions for the majority of components of a marketing strategy. The tool has a handy form builder that you can use to capture leads on your website. Further, you can create eye-catching emails using the simple click and drag interface. The tool provides countless customisations, which means you can tailor experiences for your customers. Once you’ve set up your marketing campaign, you can track how well it’s doing straight from the dashboard, which includes all the statistics you could possibly need. Moosend won’t break your bank either, with plans starting at only £9 a month.


Boosting productivity is important for all businesses, and Scribe is on-hand to support marketing teams. The starting price for this Chrome extension is completely free and captures your screen as you work. When you’re finished, it converts your work session into an easy-to-follow guide, along with instructions and screenshots. Scribe tracks your clicks, which means it can show exactly how you’ve transitioned between pages. If you’re collaborating on a project, Scribe is a fantastic way for anyone to pick up exactly where you’ve left off.


WordPress is responsible for 62% of all CRM-centred businesses, and there are more plugins than there are websites. Plugins carry out a range of functions from taking online payments, blocking spam, and web-building. However, when it comes to SEO, Yoast is arguably the best. There is a free version that has extensive functionality for beginners, but the paid plugin gets in deep. As you write new content, Yoast will tell you how to improve readability, and will score your meta descriptions, which are essential for ranking higher in the SERPs. 


Influencer marketing can be a great way to get your product out there because people listen to their favourite social media icons. However, with so many great influencers out there, it can be difficult to track them down and make initial content. Fortunately, BuzzSumo can help you because it’s designed for identifying the top influencers for any given niche. You can use the advanced search functionality to give you more reach, which can find you popular evergreen content and general trending content. Further, if you’ve got social mentions online, you can track the performance from the dashboard.

Canva Business

Creating captivating digital media is essential for any marketing campaign, but not everyone considers themselves a designer. Fortunately, Canva has the power to turn anyone into a content creator. This powerful web tool has an enormous library of templates and elements, which can drag and drop into your designs. The business subscription for Canva supports collaboration, and you can add as many users as you’ve paid for. However, there is a free version of the tool but it’s extremely limited; you will need a paid subscription to get the most out of Canva.


Ahrefs is a specialist SEO tool that helps marketers increase web traffic. They have one of the largest keyword databases, with over 150 million for the US market alone. Through Ahrefs, which starts at £99 a month, you can monitor competitors, research keywords, and much more. Having the capability to analyse your competitors is important because it means you can close the distance, and hopefully overtake them. However, if you’re only in the research phase, Ahref’s Top Pages tool will show you all the top players on the web.


If you’re operating a remote team, Slack is your best friend. You can pull all your team into one chat tool, and you can split people into public and private channels. Your marketing team can share documents, make video calls, and collaborate. Further, you can tap into hundreds of third-party apps, which means even more productivity.

Digital marketing is essential in 2022, but you will need an arsenal of tools to get the job done. Whether you’re launching an email campaign or trying to drive web traffic up, you will find a solution in the tools discussed above.

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