How to Utilize Social Media to Increase Black Friday Sales 

The National Retail Federation reported that about 180 million people shopped the five days from the end of Thanksgiving Day to the end of Cyber Monday. In 2021, there were 88 million online shoppers on Black Friday while there were 77 million online shoppers a few days later on Cyber Monday. 

There were only 66.5 million in-store shoppers on Black Friday compared to the 88 million online shoppers. For Cyber Monday, there were 20.3 million in-store shoppers compared to the 77 million online shoppers that same day. Hence, online shopping continues to increase in prominence whereas businesses need to stay on top of their social media marketing strategies to fit consumer needs. 

Here are suggestions on how to use social media to increase Black Friday sales. Log on to the online casino like NetBet for a nice break from all your hard work updating your social media pages. 

Host Giveaways 

Get more followers to your social media pages by posting free giveaways where followers must share your post with friends to enter. For example, if you are a candle company, you may be giving away five different holiday-scented candles to one lucky winner. 

For followers to enter the giveaway, have them like the original post and share it on their Facebook or Instagram stories. Be sure they tag you in the story so that the follower’s friends can access your page from that storyboard. 

In the comments, have them answer a special question and tag three friends. As a candle company, you may wish to ask followers about their favorite candle scent. Have them include this answer and three tagged friends in the comments of the giveaway post. 

You can allow followers to get an additional entry if they share one of their favorite reels to their social media stories. Reels are becoming one of the most popular social media tools to get your brand and social media page noticed. 

Post a Reel About Your Black Friday Promotion

Why spend an arm and a leg on television advertising when you can spend little to nothing by making a Facebook or Instagram reel? Have your products displayed with a unique and colorful presentation in the background. Pan your camera at different angles to capture all of the product. 

Going with the candle business example, you can show different shots of someone lighting up the holiday candles in your seasonal collection. Place trending holiday audio to get more potential buyers to notice your reel. Trending and viral audios combined with the most popular hashtags for your niche are a recipe for sales conversions!

Boost A Post To Get More Viewers

Boosting a post does take a little investment, but the extra payment can get more people to notice a static post about your Black Friday product promotions. Go to your social media page and select the post that you want to boost. 

If you are on Instagram, it will come up as a blue button that says “Boost post”. Click on it and select your desired goal whether you want additional profile visits, more website visits, or if you want more direct messages sent to you. 

Refine your target audience. The easiest way is to do automatic targeting, which means people like your current followers will see the boosted post. You can also customize audience-targeting options. Finally, customize your budget and how many days you want your post boosted. Then, you make your payment. 


What social media techniques have you used in the past to get your Black Friday promotions noticed in past years? Share with us and fellow brands in the comments below!

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