B2B Marketing Strategies to Look Out for in 2022

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Creating effective marketing strategies isn’t a simple task. Often, marketers have to strike a balance between budget constraints, creative demands, and channel decisions while creating their marketing strategy.

However, the greatest determining factor of a successful marketing strategy is your target audience. If you fail to target the right buyer persona, your adverts and campaigns won’t be effective.

However, audiences differ depending on whether your company targets individual customers or other organizations. Some businesses serve individual buyers, whereas others serve organizations and companies.

Here are B2B marketing strategies to watch out for in 2022.

1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is a targeted and focused B2B marketing strategy that entails establishing a limited number of key accounts for immensely customized marketing activities. Instead of casting a wide net with extensive marketing efforts, you can use this approach. Because the ABM marketing approach targets a small audience, your marketing representatives can concentrate on those accounts using a more personalized approach. In turn, this can help drive greater lead conversion rates.

In today’s pandemic business environment, firms are progressively focusing on customer retention and increasing revenue, not just leads. ABM offers an excellent option to achieve this. A study by ITSMA indicates that approximately 87% of B2B marketers agree that their ABM-based campaigns outperform other forms of marketing concerning their ROI. You can engage with the best lead generation service provider with modern approaches, including ABM.

Here’s how an account-based marketing strategy can assist your business in 2022:

ABM strategy can enhance customer retention by offering personalized marketing campaigns to foster existing relationships to drive brand loyalty and raise revenue. It integrates and coordinates your company’s marketing and sales departments to produce consistent and effective marketing results.

2. Content Prioritization

Creating consistent and valuable content that assists your customers in solving an issue or making certain decisions helps you demonstrate your expertise and value. Due to the shift towards a digital-first customer journey, creating relevant and valuable digital content has become essential for driving growth.

According to marketing experts, close to 41% of B2B customers go through three to five posts of digital content first prior to reaching out to a sales representative. Additionally, close to 70% of B2B clients find and use digital content directly from a company’s web pages.

Therefore, if you’re not proactively displaying your expertise using a digital content marketing approach, you’re likely to miss out on a growth opportunity in 2022. Creating strategic, useful content assists in demonstrating that you understand your customers’ needs and pain points – throughout their customer journey.

Content prioritization is an excellent way to establish a foundation of brand awareness and trust while developing new relationships. Equally, it’s a great way to strengthen your company’s value and expertise when dealing with existing clients.

3. Digital Acceleration

Following the 2019 pandemic outbreak, in-person client interactions were abolished, and remote approaches were embraced instead. Today, most clients are comfortable transacting via digital platforms throughout their purchasing journey. Consequently, customers expect a high-quality digital experience, which requires companies to embrace digital acceleration B2B marketing strategy in 2022.

Studies demonstrate that nearly 90% of B2B customers begin their purchase journey by searching for a product or service online. Therefore, your company needs to update or reinvent web pages to support today’s client journey that has entirely shifted online. Additionally, you should ensure your website is optimized for a better mobile experience since nowadays, Google ranks mobile-friendly web pages first in search results.

4. AI-Enabled Marketing

Today, artificial intelligence-enabled marketing strategies make marketers smarter and more effective with instantaneous, high-quality insights and analytics. Artificial intelligence can be useful in nearly everything, starting with audience targeting and segmentation to customization, content insights, and lead scoring.

Therefore, your company needs to leverage AI’s predictive analytics and capabilities to keep track of customers’ online activities. Besides, AI-enabled marketing can help you personalize your marketing campaigns for optimal results.

Final Remarks

As the marketing environment shifts from traditional platforms to digital platforms, B2B marketers also need to update their companies’ marketing strategies to stay competitive in 2022. Therefore, the main B2B marketing approaches to watch out for in 2022 include AI-enabled marketing, content prioritization, account-based marketing, and digital acceleration. Your company is well-positioned to stay relevant and competitive in 2022 and beyond with these strategies.

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