A Zoom meeting where people have blue and green eyebrows.

Zoom wasn’t a household name just one year ago, but thanks to the global pandemic, that changed. And with people using it as a social gathering alternative, the company is stepping away from its business roots. That includes new AR filters to color your lips, eyebrows, and facial hair.

This isn’t Zoom’s first time dabbling with augmented reality (AR) effects. The company previously added virtual backgrounds and even virtual hats. But the new feature focuses more on changing the look of your face. Head into Studio Effects, and you can change the look of your eyebrows, mustache and beard, or lip color.

For eyes, mustache and beard, you can pick from several preset options that’ll give you shaggier or thinner facial hair, and then pick a color too if you’d like. And lip color is just what it sounds like; pick neon green, and you’ll have neon green lips.

Zoom first announced the feature back in September, but it’s rolling out in beta to more users. If you’re tired of your dull look, give yourself a goatee, put on a virtual hat, and set yourself in space. Just—maybe don’t do it for a work meeting.

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