Zoom Video, Carnival, Peloton, Moderna: What to watch when the stock market opens today

international markets take a hit employment Black Friday amid concerns about a The new alternative to Covid-19—But some familiar names are getting stronger. This is what we see:

  • Producers of Covid-19 vaccines have been jumping in the markets with pandemic fears. Pfizer shares rose 5.3 percent ahead of the market, Moderna jumped 8.3 percent and Novavax jumped 5 percent.
  • Investors seem to be heading into more nights, with Netflix shares up 2.1% before the bell and DoorDash adding 4.6%.
  • Airlines and cruise companies were once again absorbing the brunt of concerns about potential new travel restrictions. Delta Airlines shares fell 7.4 percent, American Airlines 7 percent and Southwest Airlines 6.8 percent. Carnival fell 11% and Royal Caribbean 10%.
  • Housing companies also suffered amid the gloom. Shares of Marriott International fell 7.2% and Airbnb fell 7.1%.
  • The price of bitcoin in dollars is down 7% from Thursday, and cryptocurrency shares tumbled with it. Coinbase shares are down 3.9%, and bitcoin miners Marathon Digital and Hut 8 are down 9.3% and 6.2%, respectively.
  • US crude oil prices are down more than 6%, and energy producers are suffering sharp declines. Occidental Petroleum fell 7.5%, Devon Energy 7% and Diamondback Energy fell 7.2%.
  • People familiar with the matter said that Alibaba Group Holdings CEO Daniel Chang is transferring power to the company’s business unit heads to become more resilient in the face of growing challenges and possibly open the way for spin-offs. US-traded stocks were down 3.3% ahead of the market.
  • US-listed Chinese e-commerce company Pinduoduo announced its earnings on Friday.
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  • The outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak and regulatory reform is spoiling the long road to recovery for the gambling hub in China. Games stocks in Macau They lost between 23% and 56% Since the start of 2021, as the second year of the pandemic, has kept the world’s most lucrative gambling market largely closed to outside visitors.

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