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Zoo Miami brings the holiday spirit into a new light – with Zoo Lights Miami – WSVN 7News | Miami news, weather, sports

Zoo Miami had a great idea: Light the park with – literally – millions of lights, at least I think. Now, it’s a nice light, so don’t worry about that.

A new event lets you get into the holiday spirit, and you might not hear a lot of animals, but there’s a tree that has a lot to say, and it won’t shut up.

Miami Zoo lights up. No, not like that, Cardi B.

Ron Magill, Director of Communications, Zoo Miami: “There are over a million lights here.”

like him!

Ron Magill: “People who were here during the day wouldn’t recognize during the night.”

Zoo Lights Miami throws a seasonal celebration for everyone.

Ron Magill: “I came here with the whole family. There’s no set holiday. It’s just lights.”

Well, not just the lights. Let’s start with Lantern Alley.

Ron Magill: “There are flamingos, there are leopards, there are lions, there are hippos, there are zebras, there are life-size giraffes. They are all lit up.”

Under the sea section.

Ron Magill: “You feel like you’re swimming in the ocean. Starfish, jellyfish. They all change colors.”

And if you don’t feel like walking a full mile, Lost Man’s River Ride is for you!

Ron Magill: “You go under the tap and all kinds of things are there.”

But the Christmas spirit shines here, too.

Ron Magill: “We’ll put Santa on a sleigh. We have the mailbox. We have cookies. We will have a talking Christmas tree. This child is going to talk to you! It’s going to be awesome!”

If only Christmas trees could hang their lights for once. Ah, the worst!

Speaking of this topic…

Ron Magill: “The Grinch, hear, he might show up.”

By the way, did you all realize that Florida looks just upside down like the Grinch? You will never see that.

moving forward. The zoo also has themed nights.

Ron Magill: “Ugly sweater night, we have pajama night, we have both Santa and Elf nights, we have galactic nights.”

Zoo Lights is open on select nights from Friday through December 30th.

Ron Magill: “Be outside. Be safe, and remember what it feels like to enjoy the holidays again.”

for further information:
Miami Zoo lights
November 26 – December. 30
zoom Miami.org/zoo-events/event/zoo-lights-miami-2021

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