Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker & Warmer NL-GAC10 Review: Slow-Cooking Limitations Hobble This Expensive Machine

When i I was intrigued to hear about a new Zujiroshi machine that not only cooks rice but also comes with some slow cooker functions. Then it appeared at my house, and I was quickly thrown for the loop. Although the bowl was large enough to make a good amount of rice, the “slow cook max fill” line came only halfway to the sides of the pot, meaning you can use the machine to make just one less liter of slow cooked food. Can Realizing my mistake, I sent the machine back for two larger versions, which I quickly learned could be rice for 10 people, but slow cooker peppers for about three.

Anyone else confused by this ratio?

Zojirushi is a love brand in our home. My wife Elizabeth and I have one of the company’s rice cookers, R2-D2-adjacent NS-LAC05. This is a miracle that can make three standard 180 ml cups of rice at a time. We had a wedding gift eight years ago, and it’s been making delicious rice on our countertops and we’ve kept it warm for days since we got it. Although some people like to cook rice on the stove, I like the quality and convenience of the rice cooker, with the ability to make rice for dinner then prepare hot scoops and wait for lunch the next day ۔ It is definitely the most used tool in our kitchen.

Some time ago, I tried Zojershi’s high-end induction rice cooker, an expensive but impressive machine, which made me a little jealous that I didn’t own it. But as long as our little LAC-05 doesn’t kick the bucket, we’ll be fine.

About two years ago, I saw Zojershi’s “Multi Cooker”, a one-room, six-quart slow cooker that can be controlled. To the degree, And even look for meat. Slow cooking is made for it but it can also cook rice, yogurt and even steam. It’s nothing like ordinary slow cookers and works better than most of them, especially for control freaks.

Zujirshi’s press material promises that the new imami has married some of the better features of these two machines: a rice cooker that can slow down cooking. Although I was sure that the end of the rice would be fine, the thought that you could make a huge pot of rice, but just cooking 1.8 liters (two quarts) does not make sense.

To borrow a few lines from Hugh Achson’s excellent cookbook, Chef and slow cooker., “Some slow cookers are big, up to seven or eight quarts and some are small, like two quarts. Really small.

The NL-GAC comes with a capacity of either 5.5 cups or 10 cups.

Photo: Zujiroshi.

Personally, I would recommend at least six quarts because cooking in volume is part of the focus of slow cooking. At the beginning of the day you can not only put the pork shoulder in six-quarter models and get a pleasant taco for dinner, but you can also make low-effort peppers for friends and yogurt containers. The remaining amount can be kept in the freezer. They go home

Also, about any recipe you put in a six quart pot will fit there.

Once in the big test kitchens, I opened the At Your Books Online Recipe Index, I have the recipes for the 17 best sounding slow cookers, and took them off my shelf. For some reason other than looking great this evening, I started with the recipe for American Test Kitchens for Farmhouse Chicken and Corn Chowder. Once in the pot, the ingredients went above and beyond the “slow cook max fill” line, but not with the raw chicken pot, so I hit the start and crossed my fingers.

Then I took those 14 cookbooks and put them back on the shelf because I realized I would never use a slow cooker so much that it forced me to make small batches of all my favorite recipes.

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