YouTube will start viewing Picture in Picture for all USIOS users, starting with premium users – Tech Crunch

Although YouTube has supported image viewing on Android devices since 2018, YouTube told TechCrunch today that it plans to launch the feature on all iPhone and iPad iOS users in the United States. Is. Currently, YouTube is inviting premium users to check out this feature, which allows users to browse other apps and watch video with image in mini-player. Testing for premium users expires on October 31, but YouTube has no timeline for sharing when all US iOS users will have access to the feature.

While this is a mobile feature, premium users must enable the ability to test it on the desktop via the YouTube Experiments website. Last year, YouTube made the experiments a premium experiment.

If you scroll down to the Experiments website, you’ll have the option to view Picture in Picture on iOS. Then, if you watch a video on the YouTube app, you should show the image in the video image when you exit the app.

Once you see the video through the image in the picture, you can adjust where the video appears on your screen and how big it is. When you tap on the video, you’ll be back to the YouTube app. If you lock your phone, the video will stop.

Some users have reported that you may need to delete and reinstall the YouTube app in order to work.

This feature differs from the image functionality in the image on the YouTube iOS app in that it allows you to continue watching videos while moving elsewhere on your phone. Streaming apps like Netflix already have features.

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