YouTube premium users can now turn photo into photo on iPhone.

In June, YouTube announced that it would bring the image to iOS. Now, it seems that a lot of features are finally available, albeit for a limited time and only for YouTube premium users. Here’s how to get one.

If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, open a web browser and go to Scroll down to where “Picture in iOS” is listed and click “Try it”. You will be asked to sign in to your account. Then, while watching a YouTube video, just move away from the app using the home button or swipe up to start the image in the picture. Locking your phone’s screen while watching PIP will stop the video, but you can restart it via the lock screen media control.

Head To enable the experimental feature..
Image: Edge

We saw through the news. 9 to 5 Google., Note that some users have been able to get the feature on iPads as well as iPhones, but access seems a bit unexpected. (Apparently deleting the app may help.)

YouTube says the feature is available until October 31 and we are not sure what will happen after that date. Fingers crossed when YouTube – as promised in June – will bring this feature to all users, not just paid ones.

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