YouTube is forcing the popular Groove Discard Music Boot to go offline.

Google-owned YouTube Discard is starting to eliminate music bots. The search giant has stopped fighting the owners of the popular Groveboat, which allows Discard users to play music from YouTube videos and is installed on more than 16 million Discard servers. Google wants the service to end in seven days, and Grove is doing so by shutting down its boot on August 30.

Google confirmed. Edge That he took action in the matter: “We have notified Grove of any breach of our Terms of Service, including modification of the Service and its use for commercial purposes.”

“Grovy has been a big part of my life for the last five years. It started because my friend’s boot sucked and I thought I could do better. Grovy Boot gets music from YouTube and discards users. Allows it to run and share on servers where the boot is installed.

GrooveBot allows a social listening party on Discard, using audio from a large number of YouTube videos. It has become extremely popular in the last five years, with some estimates having more than 250 million users. It has now gained the attention of Google and YouTube.

Grooveboat service will end later this month.

“I’m not sure why they decided to send him. [a cease and desist] Now, “says Amirlan in an interview. Edge. “They probably didn’t know it, truth be told.” Emerald acknowledged that GroveBot has been a “huge burden” on its shoulders over the past five years, and that Google’s actions have always been something it saw coming. “It simply came to our notice then.

Although GroveBot supports Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and other services, “98% of the tracks played on Grove were from YouTube” Google’s move to force GroveBot offline may mean that Discord will see similar action against other boat owners.

Rhythm, the most popular discarded music boot, is still strong … for now. “We do not currently plan to close,” Jet, co-owner of Rhythm Boat, wrote in a message to its customer community. Rhythm is installed on about 20 million Discord servers and as a result has over 560 million users.

We tried to contact one of the owners of Rhythm, but after an initial response, the owner did not respond to requests for comment on whether Google had issued a ceasefire. If Google isn’t happy with GrooveBot, it’s hard to imagine that it would allow Rhythm to continue.

The Grooveboat shutdown comes just weeks after several YouTube video download sites accidentally disappeared. Removing this boot also leaves a big hole in Discard’s boot offerings. “We take the rights of others seriously and need developers to build bots for Discard,” a Discard spokesperson said in a statement. Edge. “If the Discord bot violates someone else’s rights, it can take third party or Discard action.”

Updated, 7:32 PM ET: Google’s confirmation and statement was added that it told Grove that it violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

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