YouTube hides the number of dislikes, forcing you to read the comments – review Geek.

Take a look at Geek.

Starting today, YouTube will cover the counter of public dislike on all videos. You can still dislike videos, but you can’t open product reviews or tutorials and check dislikes to see if it’s worth watching. YouTube says the change will “prevent harassment of our creators”, which is a disappointing explanation, as viewers are now forced to read comments if they want to quickly assess the quality of a video.

Unwanted counters aren’t really that useful, according to YouTube’s internal research. YouTube began experimenting with dislikes about a year ago to test and combat dislike attacks; an Internet pile on where users deliberately increase the number of dislikes in a video. And when the company tried to hide the number of dislikes for some customers, it saw a zero percent increase or decrease in the number of viewers.

This is an interesting claim that many users find wrong and frustrating. In the comments section of an official YouTube video explaining today’s change, users are writing paragraphs about their experience on the platform, and of course, their thoughts on how to prioritize YouTube creators over viewers. Is. (Much of the argument boils down to “creators are very sensitive” and that dislike attacks are a useful tool to combat click beats, inaccurate tutorials and other scary videos.)

As part of this experiment, viewers can still view and use the Dislike button. But since the count was not visible to them, we found that they were less likely to hit the video’s dislike button to increase their number. In short, our experimental data showed a decrease in dislike attack behavior.

But dirty videos are not the main concern here. People post a lot of misinformation on YouTube, including fake (and sometimes dangerous) synthetic videos, product reviews that are really just advertisements, really bad medical advice, and everyone’s favorite form of misinformation; fake news ۔

Without an unwanted counter, these videos can be very difficult to find. People will need to go to the worst of the YouTube comments section to see if a video is promoting something wrong, misleading, or dangerous. (And for the wrong viewers, the lack of an unwanted counter can be the difference between questioning and trusting a dangerous YouTuber, such as someone who eats raw chicken or adds ammonia to bleach.)

We hope YouTube reverses its decision to hide its dislike from viewers. If this decision goes ahead, the disapproval button will not serve a more serious purpose – it will only affect the videos you suggest and give the creators something to complain about when they view their video reviews. Will

Source: YouTube

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