Your next left ride could be in a big hot dog on wheels.

This is a tasty looking ride.

Oscar Mayer.

Well, consider that. Oscar Meyer and Left are assembling some riders to travel in the Weinermobile, which is on 27-foot-long (8.2-meter) hot dog wheels. But it’s only three days and only four cities, so you’d better hope you don’t get burned.

Those who choose to ride a Left XL in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago from August 25 to August 27 may be surprised to see Venermobile as their vehicle. The emphasis is on “can” because there aren’t enough Wienermobiles for everyone to get around. But those who are lucky will not only get a free ride in the cool car, they will also get music, neon lights, free swag, mask and vanity whistle so they can prepare their ride.

Sure, it’s a huge publicity stunt for both companies, but frankly, VenerMobile seems like a fun way to get wherever you go. Unless it’s a vegetarian dinner party.

Meat company Oscar Meyer owns six of Weinermobile. In 2020, One of them made the news. He was fired by the Wuxa County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin for failing to comply with the state’s move law. That poor driver probably became a girl.

Weinermobile was invented in 1936 to carry the company’s spokesman, although the first version was only 13 feet (3.9 m) long. The concept has been refined and improved over the years, and in addition to the six Wienermobiles, there is now a WienerDrown. An unmanned aerial vehicle, a hot dog and a three-wheeled veneer bicycle.

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