Your current smartphone is too old.

The Pixel 3a screen stands on the table.

You can definitely argue that the age of smartphones developed in recent years is better than ever. However, it was not uncommon for phones in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s to lose their functionality due to the degraded performance of heavy-handed Android scans and the small amount of storage. ۔

These days, even budget phones have good performance, relatively large batteries, and a reasonable amount of storage. But are you developing a new device or have you kept your existing phone for many years? This is exactly what we wanted to know earlier this week. This is what you told us.

How old is your current smartphone?


The poll was posted on Tuesday (November 23rd) and garnered an impressive figure of 13,300 votes. And it turns out that all options have a significant level of support. But the winning election was 2019, with 27% of the vote.

In other words, more than a quarter of readers who vote have a phone that is about two years old. Career contracts usually last for two years, so we have to assume that at least some of the people who have chosen this option will be upgrading soon.

18.19% and 15.49% of respondents chose these options, highlighting 2018 and “2017 or earlier”, respectively. These still account for a significant number of people, and that means about one-third of voters have a phone that is three years old or older. In fact, when you combine 2019, 2018, and 2017 or earlier, it shows that 60% of the poll readers have a phone that is two years old or more.

The comments section also gave us a good idea of ​​the phones that people are using, including devices like the Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 6 series, and LG G7. Is.


  • ThatOtherOtherGuy: Samsung S10e for two years. There is no plan for change unless there is significant improvement. Minor camera upgrades and Spotty 5G aren’t forcing me to drop نئے 1K on a new phone while it’s still crushing.
  • sremick: There’s an S10e swinging here too. The size is perfect; the new phones are too big. And I like the headphone jack and the microSD slot; there’s something missing from the newer models.
  • Draket3: Samsung S10 is still solid. The best phone to buy, expandable storage and all the rare headphone jacks.
  • Thought_face: Pixel 2 XL. It’s still great, and it’s really like a bezel and a front speaker. Moving to Pixel 6 Pro… When It Comes
  • Takagi: Although my phone was released in 2018, I bought my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in November 2019. It still works great and I still see no reason to upgrade to a new phone until it’s dead. Previously, I was upgrading to a new phone every 3-ish year.
  • Moabman: The Pixel 4XL still comes with a powerful battery and has had no problems using it for almost two years. When I get P6P it will become my backup.
  • hoggleboggle: Still happy with my Note 9 and just haven’t seen a worthwhile alternative.
  • Joe Engel: Samsung Galaxy A71 5G found in January (unveiled in 2020) and don’t plan to upgrade again for a few years, just an amazing phone for the money. All my friends and family are amazed at the wonderful pictures she took and the beautiful screen.
  • Walter Kowalski: Just got the Pixel 6 Pro.
  • Ryan: Brand new Pixel 6 replaced by Pixel 3aXL.
  • dtox: s21 Ultra for iPhone 11 Pro traded. The best trade ever!

Thanks for voting and leaving comments in our poll! An old device? Is there a special phone that you would upgrade if money was not an issue? Let us know below.

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