Your Android phone could soon double as a digital car key – take a look at Jack.


Google is preparing to release Android 12 to the public, and is buried in the release with the upcoming Google Play Services update. XDA Developers Digital car support for Android. Back in May, Google announced that it would support Apple in allowing people to unlock cars with Android phones, and now it looks like the release is just around the corner.

To be clear, Google wants to add digital car keys and driver’s license device storage to select Pixel and Samsung phones.

In the wake of the latest Google Play Services update (v21.39.15), XDA Developers There are several new additions to the already announced digital car key functionality. Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about it, as it will allow users to start ignition on top of unlocking vehicles or when / if it will be released.

Just keep in mind that just because an update tear is proof of this feature doesn’t mean it is ready for release or that it will be released at all. Instead, it looks like Google is just making changes and preparing for it.

That said, with the arrival of Pixel 6 and Android 12 in the next few weeks, there’s a good chance that Google will announce a helpful feature like digital car keys with it.

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According to the report, Android’s digital car keys feature will use NFC to unlock the car. However, the announcement earlier this year mentioned both NFC and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) RF technology. So there’s a chance Google could start with the NFC, so owners can tap on the car door to unlock their phone immediately, then add UWB at a later date.

The code also suggests that this feature will only select selected mobile devices, select vehicles, and work only in previously specified areas. However, Google will likely extend support to more devices and regions later.

Through XDA Developers

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