York school administration receives a request to remove the book “Changing Bodies”

YORK, Maine – The York School District has received a request to remove a book from the York Prep School library from a childless person in the city’s school system, according to a statement from Superintendent Lou Gusinski Monday.

According to the statement, the individual asked the school management to remove author Robbie Harris.”It’s totally normal: changing bodies, growth, sex and sexual healthFrom the York Middle School library on November 22.

Students are not required to read the book and it is not included in the school’s curriculum, according to the statement from Gusinski.

The American Library Association included the book in its yearbook Top 10 most challenging books list in 2014, 2007, 2005, and 2003. The Office of Intellectual Freedom compiles the list to inform the public about censorship in libraries and schools, according to the organization’s website.

Gusinsky said the request is part of a national effort to pressure school administrators on issues related to critical race theory, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

York Prep students wait to be picked up from school on the first day of the year on August 30, 2021 in York, Maine.

“We’re watching it all over the country,” Gusinski said. “It’s popping up right now in York.” “I think we’ll probably have other requests.”

Gusinski said he expects a group of people to come to the school committee meeting on Wednesday, December 1, to protest and endorse the book in question. Gusinski said an email from a parent to the school said they would bring a poster filled with excerpts from various unspecified books.

“This is just the beginning,” Gusinski said.

Book review process

The York School Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the provision of teaching materials and the maintenance of resources that support the school system’s curriculum, in accordance with York School Committee policy. If a complaint is lodged, the York School Committee Policies The statement said it required a review of the material.

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