Yes, it takes work and skill

When people think social media marketing is easy, I have to laugh.

After 12 years of managing social media accounts, blogging about digital marketing and teaching best practice courses, I can say that it is definitely not easy. (That’s why I’m still in business – LOL.)

It is assumed that social media marketers are content authors, photographers, photographers, community managers, service representatives, data scientists, etc., etc.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

For many Bay Area small business owners, social media marketing is a project that mixes with everything else they need to do, which is often why it is one of the first things to do when business becomes difficult.

This is why planning ahead is so important when it comes to content creation: When it’s busy, you can still market your brand and connect with your target audience. (See No. 2 in this list of what you should not be doing when it comes to social media.)

One thing we’ve learned since the fires of 2017 is the importance of social media in building relationships with your audience and sharing information about your latest promotion, product or service. Or simply letting people know you’re open.

Social media has become the place to do that – but when it comes to branding accounts for brands, it really should not be a job for everyone. This is a market position, which is a different skill than the management of wine clubs.

Which is not to say that one person for a small winery could not do both – they can, but it’s not a simple question.

I talked to some social media marketers in the Gulf region and here are some things they want people to know about the job:

Vanessa Justice of Online Wine has worked in the wine industry directly to consumers (DTC) for over nine years, but started as a vinyl consumer before starting to manage social media for Bay Area wineries such as Broc Cellars, Las Jaras Wines, Tessier Winery and more. subject to change. She likes to mix storytelling with promotional marketing and her biggest piece of advice is to “coordinate your social media efforts with your email marketing and the taste of room availability.

Sharing a beautiful image is one thing, but you must also encourage the audience to take action (sign up for a tasting, visit your website, visit the site, etc.). By mixing history with your content and call to action (CTA) with messages, it can build a community that wants to buy from you.

Vanessa also wants to remind marketers not to be afraid to reuse the quality of your content and repeat your tried and true message – as long as you add new content in between – across your digital platform.

“In these times of information overload, your target audience will easily stick to messages they have seen or heard more than once more easily,” she says.

Maura Postlethwait has been the founder of Social With Maura and social media account manager for Robert Biale Vineyards for the past three years.

She likens social media marketing to event planning,

“This is more than just publishing! Think of an event; as an event manager, you would not attend the event day without prior planning and expect landlords, dealers and guests to come. An event would not have been carried out without proper policy, planning and follow-up. The same goes for social media marketing.

Maura also spends a lot of time communicating with customers on her client’s social media system; she understands that connecting with a target audience is as big a part of the job as creating content.

Michael Patterson is a content author and social media marketer who goes by the name “Dude Where’s My Tacos” on Instagram.

His Instagram account is where you can find his videos and photos showing restaurants throughout the Gulf and Sacramento – for example, his collection of the work he has done. He helps some restaurants with their own content creation and takes over bills for others. His style usually involves high quality close-ups of what he is eating, tuned to hip hop music. And let me tell you – it was a video of his own, and I’ve been persuaded to do so on a variety of occasions. (Here is an example.)

Michael wants restaurants to know that content creation is not “something you can beat and do. Maybe some can, but I can not be creative as needed.

He points out that marketers find inspiration from their environment when it comes to video content, especially for their Instagram bikes.

Creativity is difficult to replicate and control. It requires practice and skill. Of course, you should still plan things in advance that need to be shared, such as upcoming promotions or social media celebrations.

If you are looking to continue your business, then it’s time to invest in your social media marketing efforts by either outsourcing or hiring a healthy intern.

In fact, according to a report from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, marketing – especially digital marketing – has been in increasing demand. This means that your competitors are hiring digital marketers to take their business to the next level – and companies that continue to look at social media marketing as a small item on their big to-do list.

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