Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 4: What Happened?

After rivers of bloodshed, YellowstoneEpisode 4 reduces chaos, takes time to reset the chessboard that includes big moves from the stock market and Plots by the renegade team of Jamie and Garrett Randall.

The episode, however, begins on the road to Texas, as the series takes strides to thrill at the same time its sub-string 6666, which is under development and will take place on the famous Four Sixes Ranch. (despite of Flashback in 1893 at the premiere of the fourth Yellowstone movie– itself something of a suspense for the upcoming pre-1883 series – we haven’t yet revisited this aspect of Yellowstone The universe has since then, with the entirety of Episode 4 happening in the present, shortly after Episode 3 events.)

The main development in this episode, however, has to do with the series’ new antagonist.

Last week’s evil served when Rainwater and Mo delivered John Dutton, the man who orchestrated the militia attack on his family. The man told the group that he was hired by a federal prisoner named Higgins to organize the attack. Jon then kills the man at the Train Station, determined to get more information on Higgins.

This week, this information is for us. In the final moments of the episode, we get the season’s first big reveal: Higgins is more connected to the familiar Yellowstone Characters than we previously thought.

This is what happened in Episode 4.

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John’s story

After obtaining information about his family’s attacker from Rainwater, Jon hands Riggins’ file to Kayce. John asks Case to get prisoner records through Jimmy and interview the sheriff. John wants to use Casey’s conversation with Jimmy to appreciate Jimmy’s loyalty to the family as well, telling Case “If he stops…we have our answer”—which means if Jimmy is unwilling to help hunt down the man behind the attack, loyalty may be decided.

John says if Jimmy’s response is positive, he will meet Jimmy himself.

Pete’s story

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After being fired by Schwartz and Meyer – and after Schwartz threatens destruction – she meets Beth Caroline Warner, the new CEO of Stock Market. While he was the head of mergers and acquisitions at Schwartz & Meyer, Beth sabotaged the stock market’s stock prices, an action that Warner now threatens with a lawsuit. After the threat, which Beth takes with a sip of liquor the size of Pete Smirk and Pete, Warner reveals what she’s after: the land Beth confides in Yellowstone. Pete’s answer: Not for sale.

Warner counters (apparently forgetting her own threat), explaining how she had already leased part of Jimmy’s stake in the farm and that the farm would continue to lose money anyway. She says stubbornness is not a successful business model.

Warner then makes an offer (for some reason now on the defensive): Beth will join Market Equities to help oversee all development in Montana, and protect Yellowstone by making Market Episode billions in other projects. Assuming the offer is too good to be true (since Beth has not yet agreed to sell any portion of the land trust), Beth makes a seemingly impossible request: for her work with Market Equities, she’ll get all the market shares. He shares Schwartz & Meyer, helping her destroy them in a vengeful manner.

Later, Beth consults with John about a possible job, explaining how it might be beneficial for her to work with the enemy. She also expresses her disbelief at Warner’s offer, suspecting that there was something else behind the very fair deal.

Show Bunkhouse

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Jimmy heads to Four Sixes Ranch with Travis and begins to prepare for the idea of ​​ranching in Texas. When he arrived, Travis took off, leaving Jimmy alone to face the horse’s fears.

Back in Yellowstone, Lloyd makes a bad call to the Rip away, telling the others to bring sick cattle back near the stables. When the group returns, Rip and John Lloyd chew in front of the others, embarrassing him; Walker had already suggested leaving the cattle in the far fields. In the bunker later, Lloyd Walker finally takes him out, inciting Lloyd to fight and Rip enters to confirm his alpha status, breaking the two before defeating Lloyd and reminding all the rules no one seems to follow: No fight on a farm.

Rip also imposes more ruthless paternal love with Carter, telling him he has only one choice left in life: not to spoil his “job” on the farm.

Case story

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With Monica and Tate still traumatized by the attack, Case suggests the family move temporarily to the reserve, a decision Monica has been wanting to hear for months. However, John disagrees with the three leaving, and comments on how the farm has become a place everyone wants to leave.

Case meets the brother he left, Jimmy, on fellow Higgins. Jimmy asks about prison records and interview. While Jimmy says that would be impossible, he offers to continue to investigate Higgins’ records and prepare something more in the books. When Case said that John wanted Jimmy to do the interview, Jimmy seemed surprised. Casey’s visit seems to complicate Jimmy’s allegiances once again.

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Jimmy’s story

Jimmy stands on his new ground with his father, Garrett Randall, noting how this is the first thing he’s ever owned. He then thanks Randall for energizing him, indicating the increased bonding and trust between the two. Their plan still looks like a land grab at the Dutton family’s expense. Later, when he hears about a lawsuit aimed at halting the airport’s Market-Equities-backed development, Jimmy plays a tough part, vowing to push the development forward, anyway. This development will put more pressure on Yellowstone to sell.

But while talking to Case, Jimmy seemed to be shrinking. Still wanting Jon’s approval, he seems depressed when told that Jon needs him. It affirms his loyalty to the Duttons, a gesture that in previous episodes felt empty and manipulative, but which now feels increasingly real.

Jimmy then explained to Casey why he never visited John in the hospital: He was using his position to crush investigations into the attack on the farm that killed several militiamen; John’s visit will complicate his integrity as a prosecutor.

At the end of the episode, Jamie receives prison records for Higgins. One paper lists all of Higgins’ former cellmates. On the list: Jamie’s father, Garrett Randall.

It looks like whatever storm comes next for the Duttons, Randall could play a big role. The next step, however, is Jimmy.

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