Xbox game demo leaked.

As part of the Game Awards 2021, Xbox users will have the opportunity to download some brand new video game demos, some of which have been leaked prematurely. Walking Cat has revealed two games on Twitter, including “TGA21” demo pages on the Microsoft Store: Mind scanner And No one saves the world. The respective pages of these two demos indicate that they are not actually available for download yet, but players interested in watching both games will be happy to know that there is a free way to do so in the near future. Will be.

Walking Kate’s tweet revealed. Mind scanner The demo can be found embedded below. The demo page can be found here, and for the page No one saves the world Can be found here.

Mind scanner A “retro-futuristic psychiatric simulation in which you diagnose citizens of the dystopian metropolis.” According to this description, the game offers an art style that is very much influenced by the old school ideas of the future, and it works quite well. Players involved in the game will be tasked with analyzing patients’ minds, diagnosing problems and “normalizing” them. The whole thing has a dark cyber punk feel, and it will be interesting to see if the game can stand on its own two feet!

No one saves the worldOn the other hand, there is an action RPG where players can transform into more than 15 different shapes, including a dragon, a ghost, and a slug. The game has been developed by Drink Box Studios, which is known for its critics. Guacamole. The game can be enjoyed as a single player experience, but it will also offer online support for two players.

These two games look like a fun addition to the Xbox lineup! With the Game Awards 2021 airing on December 9, players should not wait too long to try out these demos for themselves. They can only introduce some gamers to a new favorite!

Do you plan to check out the demo for one of these games? Which temptation are you interested in? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter. ArMarcdachamp All things gaming to talk about!

[H/T: Reddit]


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