Xavier Prather leaves ‘Big Brother’ with $750,000 and a bond he will ‘totally cherish forever’ – CBS Detroit

(CBS) – Another season of Big brother It’s in the books and we have our latest winner, Xavier Prather. Brother, a lawyer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, received the country’s biggest grand prize Big brother Date last night – $750,000.

Today spoke with Matt Weiss from CBS to discuss joining Big brother History, what it’s like to live on camera 24/7 and what would he take with him from Big brother Experience (along with $3/4 million).

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MW- Hi Xavier, tell me how do you feel when you wake up today with a lot of money in your pocket?

XP- Good day, it might be an understatement. [Laughs] It feels good, you put in so much work and for it all to pay off, and being a part of history is something special.

MW- Back in the real world, you are a lawyer, do you feel these skills helped you with that Big brother?

XP- Absolutely. I felt that the skill set you have when you are a lawyer was perfect for Big brother a house. Working as a lawyer or just in the legal community, everyone knows that your network is huge, not only your ability to work well with others but your ability to motivate others to work with you.

I was able to translate some of these skills and some communication skills into Big brother A home to give myself a strong social game to put myself well at home, not only inside The Cookout but also outside.

MW- I’m sure you’re mentally prepared as best you can but when you first set foot home, what does that moment look like?

XP- Oh, when I first set foot in the house, I was like, yeah, there’s another bald black guy and I’m the only one sweating from the storm, just awesome [laughs]. But everything else, yes, there was plenty to take in.

MW- [Laughs] And what is the experience of live streaming your life 24/7?

XP- In a sense, and I think a lot of other house guests will repeat this too, it’s just kind of like you have to be yourself. We all had to be ourselves, we’re all human, I’m sure we’ll all make mistakes, and I’m sure we’ll all do things we’ll watch and be like ahh that was embarrassing.

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We were chosen on the show because of who we are and I think showing that through live broadcasts is a unique experience. You see the good, you see the bad. The good you love and the bad you are trying to learn from.

MW- Is there any applause back to normal now or do you feel like there’s still a camera pointed at you? Except for now where there’s still a camera pointed at you [laughs].

XP- [Laughs] right. Yes I mean for the first 20 minutes when I got my phone back I was trying to figure out how to hack it because I forgot my passcode. I found out the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Finals, and that was awesome.

I’m playing catch up now and feel like a caveman. It’s a lot. I really have to fit in with the world.

MW- What do you take away from this experience now, other than $750,000?

XP- First and foremost, I have made connections with people I will cherish forever. Second, I think what we’ve proven this season is that when people come together with the same goal in mind, they can achieve historic things, incredible feats. I think cooking outside proves it.

So for future alliances or people in general, I think when people get together and really decide to do something they can achieve in just about anything,

MW- Sure, well, thank you for your time today, Xavier. You played a great match and congratulations!

XP- I appreciate it, take care of yourself.

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Big brother Back this winter with Celebrity Big Brother Coming in February 2022 on CBS or streaming with Paramount +. Check your local listings for more information.


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