WWE Money in Bank 2021: Live updates, big e-wins, results and match ratings

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WWE Money in Bank 2021: Live updates, big e-wins, results and match ratings

Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship

Before the match we had a backstage segment in which Rollins accused Edge of taking him out of the title picture and announced that he would be next in line for whoever wins the major event. It ended, as the Rains would retain their Universal Championship with the help of Seth Rollins.

The plot started in a staring city and we doubled over, “Let’s go, Rumi!” And “Let’s Edge!” The spell match itself started with a big light on big moves and hold on holes. It has been the modus operandi (long, well-run major event matches) of the Roman Ranges, and it will also provide an opportunity for people to gather energy after the potentially explosive ladder match they just saw. ۔ Things turn around when Reagan links his fist to a Superman punch but the edge counter rolls up, then they equalize with each other with a big boot at the same time.

Edge made a comeback, which caused it to lock the reins in an STF and then turn into a crossface. Governments sold with the virtue of character before the rope is caught. After that he went for Edge Spare but Reigns competed in guillotine. Edge escaped the hold to deal with both of my men, where Renz goes for his own spare – but Edge moved, causing Ranges to collide with a barrack bug. The reef then rolls into the edge ring to stop the count, then comes back out and immediately reigns with the spare. He goes in for two counts. Good equipment.

As soon as the match reaches the fourth gear, we get a reef bump. Edge ruled with the Superman cartoon, which caused a knock on the edge reef. Raj removed a chair from the outside, then brought a steel leg when Edge used the same part of the chair to strangle Rains at WrestleMania and SmackDown. The edge slips out and rules the barrages with the head butt, then puts the ranges in the crossface with the crane leg.

Ovis came down to help Raj, but he was blocked by Maestro before the Austin letter to Austin was broken. Despite being reefed out, Rollins hits the ring and breaks the hold by hitting the edge with a super kick. Empire sprouts for spare, but Edge fights with its own spear. A new referee went ahead for two counts. Great Things

The Edge prepares for another spear, but the Rollins come in an apron. The Edge moves away from it – then turns to eat a huge spare from the reins. The rule is intact. After the match, Rollins hit the ring to defeat Edge, but Edge fought back and broke into the crowd.

Rating: 4.25 Stars Scientifically fast, intense action, explosive ending. What do you expect from the main program of the Roman government in 2021?

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