Work with Samsung’s new $ 1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 earlier this month, its latest flagship foldable smartphone. We thought we’d check out the Z Fold 3 so that Samsung could see the improvement in the technology in its foldable smartphone lineup.

Foldable smartphones are still expensive, and as a Samsung flagship, the Z Fold 3 starts at 1,799.99, which is more than you can afford for some computers. Of course, it’s intended to work as both a phone and a tablet, so it’s a bit more efficient than your average smartphone.

In terms of design, the Z Fold 3 is still Samsung’s best foldable device because the camera is below the display for all-display design. It looks great and while it’s not completely hidden, it maximizes the available screen space.

Samsung Z Fold 3 Spotify.

The ZFold 3 is a book-like device where the two sides meet in the inner layer. When paired, the external display measures 6.2 inches, and when opened, it has a full 7.6-inch display inside. We found the display brighter, faster and more dynamic than Samsung’s ZFold 2.

Galaxy z fold 3.

In addition to the fold and display camera, the Z Fold 3 is basically the same as other smartphones. It has a 120 Hz display, three 12-megapixel rear lenses and a 10-megapixel front camera. It has an IPX8 water resistance, a 4,400 mAh battery, and a protective display film that is more durable than Samsung’s previous foldable devices.

Samsung z fold 3 back.

The ZFold 3 is Samsung’s first foldable that supports the S Pen, and Samsung has designed the S Pen just for the new smartphone. It has a tip designed to be slightly retractable when writing to prevent damage to the display, and has the functionality of the S Pen available with other Samsung devices. The S Pen is an optional addition, although there is no specific storage for it.

Samsung z fold 3s pen.

As far as folding functionality is concerned, Samsung did a better job with the capture this year and the folding mechanism feels more durable and thus it will better withstand the loss.

Samsung z fold 3 half fold.

At this price point, the Z Fold 3 is still a niche device that most people don’t want to pay for, but it’s a significant improvement over the ZZ Fold 2. Apple’s development, so it will be interesting to see how Apple’s foldable iPhone measures when it should ever be released.

ZFold 3 is the best demo in the video, so be sure to watch our video above to see it in action.


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