Woman who defines herself as a wolf says daytime work allows her to ‘catch predators’

Naya is known as a British Columbia wolf (Image: ITV)

A woman who identifies as a wolf talks about her daily life as an internet detective.

Naia Ōkami, 27, has admitted to her day job at a nonprofit where a detective who catches cyber crooks and sex traffickers allowed her to channel her “spiritual” side as a B.C. wolf.

On Monday, an episode of This morning Via a video link from Seattle, Washington, she said: “I talk about what I do with being a wolf. One of the things I do is with the nonprofit, I investigate child trafficking and deception.

“I always joke that like a wolf I’m chasing my prey – predators are my prey, which is ridiculous!”

Naya also made it clear that she doesn’t actually think she’s a wolf, but found it to be more “spiritual and psychological.”

I don’t physically think I’m a wolf. “It’s the definition of my soul and myself as a wolf,” she added. I am fully aware that I am a human right? I go to work every day, and I don’t necessarily have to dress like this to work. Along the same lines, spiritually, in a way I am a wolf.

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She began to recognize that she was a wolf after having a dream at the age of ten, seeing herself as the animal.

Although she doesn’t always ‘go out’ in public – she totally howled this morning because her housemates were asleep – she does express herself.

However, she makes sure that it is suitable for the environment in which you live.

Naya explained her approach to life (Image: ITV)

So, when I was in high school I was more expressive than I am now. I was howling and other things, just because that’s how I express myself. Nowadays it is a little different.

I’m known as a wolf girl, I’ve been on a few different shows. As a result, I can be more open in public… Obviously, if I was at work or at the grocery store, I wouldn’t bark and howl at my cashier.

She reiterated again that she did not actually think she was a wolf “literally”.

“Obviously I don’t,” she said. I have a very serious job, catching predators, doing adult stuff, paying my bills, and paying my taxes. This is just a way to express myself spiritually.

And while she knows a lot of like-minded people, not everyone is pleased with how open she is on the Internet and in the media.

Not many people like how straightforward my expression is. A lot of people in this community treat this as something you keep to yourself and talk about it online with like-minded people.

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