Wings SPO 2 Capable Scan Watch is finally coming to the US – Check out Jack.


During CES 2020, we found ourselves drawn to the Withings ScanWatch, which is stylish to wear with the SpO2 sensor and advanced algorithms. And after what seems like a lifetime (I don’t remember January 2020 at all), Scanwatch is finally coming to the United States with FDA approval for its unique health care features.

There are some things we need to be clear about. First, the Scan Watch was actually launched in Europe and Australia last year. The delayed US release is the result of FDA approval process, which is required for any product that claims to detect medical conditions. While other smartwatches have ECG and SPO2 sensors, they do not claim to detect atrial fibrillation or respiratory obstruction so they can leave the FDA.

Of course, this makes the Scan Watch the first wearable to receive FDA approval for ECG and SpO2-based health detection features. This is an incredibly unique product in the US smartwatch market, as it is a certified medical device. (According to Wings, the Scanwatch is so good that it is used in some medical settings. German doctors are currently using the wearable Covid as a cheap way to monitor 19 patients, for example.)

But Scan Watch may not appeal to everyone. It’s a hybrid smartwatch, meaning it has analog hands and a small integrated display. That said, it’s proof of swimming up to 5ATM, can track 30 different activities (walking, running, etc.), and has a battery life of 30 days. Stainless steel case and sapphire glass screens are also great, especially if you’re coming from Fitbit.

Wings says the Scan Watch will launch in the United States this November for $ 279. The Rose Gold and Horizon versions will arrive in the US next year at $ 299 and $ 499, respectively. You can sign up for release notifications on the Withings website.

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