Windows PC or Mac: Which operating system is preferred by coders & programmers?

Windows and macOS are both popular operating systems, and depending on your specific use case, either operating system can benefit you. However, for programmers, coders and developers, the choice of OS depends on the type of software they are creating.

If you’re wondering which OS is the best for your coding and programming needs, stick around to understand the comparison between Windows PCs and Macs.

Coding on a Mac: the pros

Macs are reliable and solid systems that rarely run into problems. Whenever users encounter a problem working on their Mac, there is always a handy troubleshooting guide to resolve the issues right away without the intervention of a professional. However, the primary selling point of using Mac for coding is the access to Swift and Xcode.

Programmers and coders wanting to begin iOS app development must consider Xcode. Even though there are cloud alternatives, it is difficult to beat a local install like Xcode. Also, you cannot deny the massive potential in the App Store and the Apple ecosystem. Furthermore, developers can quickly Inspect Element on Safari to understand how the temporary changes are behaving before implementing them permanently. If you’re wondering how to open Inspect Element on Mac, you can start by launching Safari and right-click on the specific page to Inspect Element.

Coders and developers also prefer Mac because of the lack of maintenance and the stability offered by the OS that enables them to concentrate on their productivity. In addition, if you own more than one Mac, you can utilize the AirDrop feature to share files and get your work done quickly. All you have to do is drag and drop the files.

Moreover, the user interface of macOS is a pleasure to use because it is clean and straightforward. There aren’t any layers of confusing sub-menus or redundant features that you would find on a Windows machine.

If you need to dig deeper, you can use the Unix Terminal. The Unix shell is essential for programmers because it allows them to run programs in almost all languages without using specialized IDE. It is also great to learn how to code on macOS because most tech companies work on Unix-based systems.

What’s more, programmers and coders love the trackpad on Mac computers. The ease of pinching and zooming is helpful when looking at lines of code. There’s also complete peace of mind when coding on macOS since there are no loud noises of fans distracting from your lines of code.

So, these are some reasons why programmers and coders prefer macOS over Windows. However, if you have been a Windows loyalist all your life, it would help you know that you can quickly boot Windows and macOS on your Mac computer. You can get the best of both worlds and not leave one operating system for the other.

Coding on a Windows PC: the pros

The number one reason why many coders and programmers continue using Windows PC is the flexibility of the operating system. You can load and run any piece of software on this OS, and that’s a real plus.

Windows PCs are much cheaper than macOS, but that’s only initially. As you upgrade, the cost might surpass that of purchasing a Mac.

However, if you are a game developer, Windows continues to be where all the action is. While there is enormous potential in the Apple ecosystem, there’s a lack of game availability.

A few development tools are not compatible with Apple, and if you use those tools, you will have to use Windows PC. But this gap is quickly narrowing because most developers are moving to cloud-based systems. Therefore, this isn’t a valid reason to stick to Windows.

The upgradability of the PC hardware is another massive plus for programmers and coders. While Macs are reliable systems, they are known for being inflexible, and you cannot upgrade them on your whim. Whether you need a faster graphics card to help with rendering, you can go ahead and upgrade your PC. On the other hand, it is nearly impossible to upgrade your Mac hardware. While external GPUs are beginning to make a mark in this area, Apple has a long way to go for upgradeability.


There’s no clear winner in this debate, but the decision boils down to the kind of software you are developing and your preference. Coding and programming must be a fun experience, and therefore, stick to a platform that you understand.

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