Wimbledon 2021: The order of play today with Ashleigh Barty and Angelique Kerber in the semi-finals

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Wimbledon 2021: The order of play today with Ashleigh Barty and Angelique Kerber in the semi-finals

The women’s semi-final matches will take place on the tenth day of Wimbledon With world number 1 Ashleigh Party at work.

The Australian is chasing her first SW19 final, and her second Grand Slam title after winning the 2019 French Open. Angelique Kerber, the 2018 champion, who taught her what it takes to make it in a final three years ago at the Sydney Invitational 2018, which led to a dominant race.

“I remember walking off the field and feeling like my level was close, but it wasn’t good enough,” Barty said. “It was almost a reset knowing I’m not far, but I’m not there yet. I think the challenge of playing it in the Wimbledon semi-final is a great opportunity, and I’m really excited about it. It’s not intimidating or overwhelming, it’s just exciting.”

Karolina Pliskova Other semi-final features After defeating Viktoria Golubic in the quarter-finals. The Czech lost to Kerber in the 2016 US Open final, and despite dropping out of the world’s top ten for the first time in five years prior to Wimbledon, the 29-year-old has been in great shape for the last 10 days and has yet to fall Collection. She faces a daunting task even though she is in tough shape شكل Arina SabalenkaThe Belarusian appeared in her first ever semi-final at a major tournament.

Here’s everything you need to know about ordering play today:

When is it?

Wimbledon begins on Monday 28 June and ends with the men’s final on Sunday 11 July.

How can I watch it online and on TV?

The tournament will be broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Two with access to all 18 stadiums available via the red button. Online viewers can watch the event on BBC iPlayer.

BBC Two will also be broadcasting today at Wimbledon at 8pm every evening to recap the day’s play.

Day 10 coverage on BBC Two will begin at 12:30 GMT, while BBC One’s coverage will begin at 1:45 PM GMT.

The tenth day of play

(All times are GMT):

Central Court

13:30: (1) Ashleigh Barty (Australia) – (25) Angelique Kerber (Germany), (8) Karolina Pliskova (Czechoslovakia) vs. (2) Arina Sabalenka (Blair), (14) Jean Julien Roger (Ned) Andrea Kleback (Slow) v (7) Neil Skopsky (GPR) and Desira Krausek (USA)

Court 1

13:00: (1) Nikola Mektic (Crow) and Mate Pavic (Crow) vs (6) Rajiv Ram (USA) and Joe Salisbury (GPR), (4) Edward Roger Vassilin (FRA) and Nicole Melishar (US (USA) vs. (11) John Peers (Australia), Shuai Zhang (China), Jeremy Chardy (FRA), Naomi Brody (GBR) vs. Joe Salisbury (GBR) and Harriet Dart (GPR)

Court 2

11:00: Daria Vidmanova (June) – (13) Matilda Mutavdzic (GPR), (4) Marcel Granollers (SPA), Horacio Zeballos (ERG) – Simone Bolelli (ETA) and Maximo Gonzalez (ARG), (9) Kevin Krawietz (Germany), Kveta Peschke (Cze) v (2) Mate Pavic (Cro), and Gabriela Dabrowski (Can)

Court 3

11:00: (1) Victoria Jimenez Kasintseva (f) Eva Shaw (GPR), Joao Victor Coto Loreiro (Brazil) – (7) Jack Bennington-Jones (JBR), (5) Pedro Buscardin Dias (Brazil) – Louie Maxstead (Gbr), (1) Jack Pinnington Jones (Gbr) and Juncheng Shang (Chn) vs. Samir Banerjee (USA), Kokuro Isomura (Jpn), Eleonora Alvisi (Ita) and Matilde Paoletti (Ita) v Darja Vidmanova (Cze) & Radka Zelnikova (shedding)

Court 4

11:00: Evialina Laskevich (Blr) at (5) Oceane Babel (Fra), Ane Mintegi Del Olmo (Spa) at (2) Alexandra Eala (Phi), Sascha Gueymard Wayenburg (Isr) at (9) Viacheslav Bielinskyi (Ukraine) ), (3) Alexander Bernard (Australia) and Daly Blanche (USA) in Daniel Rincon (SPA), Abdullah Shelbaieh (Gore), Reese Brantmeier (USA) and Elvina Kalieva (USA) in Kylie Belshev (GPR). and Ming Zhou (JBR)

Court 5

11:00: Elena Pridankina (Rus) v (10) Elvina Kalieva (USA), Matthew Donald (Cze) v (16) Mark Lajal (Est), (15) Alejandro Manzanera Pertusa (SPA) – Max Westphal (FRA). Adam Jurajda (CZ), Max Westphal (FRA) – Philipp Florig (Germany) and Max Reiberg (Germany), (1) Kristina Dmitruk (Blair) and Diana Schneider (Ross) vs. Clairve Ngonoy (USA) and Alexandra Yevanova (USA)

Court 6

11:00: (4) Polina Kudremetova (Russia) in Nastasga Schönke (Germany), Ksenia Zaitseva (Ross) in Ashlyn Krueger (USA), Abdullah Shelbaya (Gur) in (4) Bruno Kozuhara (USA) , Gonzalo Bueno (Pear) & Adolfo Vallejo (Par) in Marko Andrejic (Aut) & Ozan Colak (USA), Chelsea Fontenel (Swi) & Ashlyn Krueger (USA) in (3) Alexandra Eala (Phi) & Priska Madelyn Nugroho (Ina)

Court 7

11:00: (15) Mara Goth (Germany) in Sarah Beglick (Czechoslovakia), (6) Kristina Dmitruk (Blair) in Julia Middendorf (Germany), Peter Privara (SVK) in Samir Banerjee (USA), Hamad Majidovich (Germany) (Secret)) and Stefan Popovic (Ser) in Alvaro Guillen Meza (ECU) and Ezequiel Monferrer (ARG), (6) Bruno Kuzuhara (USA) and Ethan Quinn (USA) in Victor Lilov (USA) and Peter Privara (SVK), Sarah Bellick (FZE) and Lucie Havlickova (Cze) v (2) Linda Fruhvirtova (Cze) and Polina Kudermetova (Russia)

Court 8

11:00: Alicia Dudney (GPR) – Sofia Costolas (Bell), Ozan Kulak (USA) – (6) Daniel Rincon (SPA), (13) Alexander Bernard (USA) – Millie Poligak (Crowe) ), Sofia Costolas (Bill). )) and Laura Hetaranta (Vin) – Alina Shcherbinina (Russia) and Sabina Zeynalova (Ukraine)

Court 9

11:00: Reese Brantmeier (US) – (16) Julia Garcia (Mexico), (3) Arthur Fels (France) – Victor Lelove (US), (8) Sean Quinn (FRA) – Adolfo Vallejo (Bar)

Court 10

11:00: (8) Linda Frohvitova (Czechoslovakia) – Petra Marchenko (Crow), Kalin Ivanovsky (MK) – Idas Potvilas (lit)

Court 11

11:00: Linda Klimovikova (Czechoslovakia) – (7) Alexandra Ivanova (US), (1) Yuncheng Shang (China) – Robin Bertrand (France).

Court 12

11:00: (11) Priska Madelyn Nugroho (Ina) in Matilde Paoletti (Ita), Vojtech Petr (Cze) in (14) Leo Borg (Swe), Patrick Brady (Gbr) in Maxs Rehberg (Ger), Edas Butvilas ( Lit & Alejandro Manzanera Bertosa (SPA) vs (4) Leo Borg (Sui), Marc Lagal (EST), Elena Bredankina (Ross), Ksenia Zitseva (Ross) vs (6) Mara Goth (Germany) and Julia Middendorf (Germany))

Court 18

11:00: Elizabeth Coleman (USA) – Kylie Belshev (GPR), Barbora Balikova (CZ) – Rana Stoeber (GPR), (11) Jerome Kim (Switzerland) – Derek Chen (GPR) , Robin Bertrand (Fra) and Igor. Kudryashov (Ross) vs (7) Vyacheslav Belinsky (UK) Peter Nesterov (Paul), (8) Elizabeth Coleman (USA), Madison Seig (USA) – Nicole Rivkin (Germany) and Hanne Vandywinkel (Bill)

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