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William Terrell: Police committed to finding the missing boy amid reports of an interesting new person

A surprising development has been revealed in the search for missing NSW boy William Terrell, who disappeared in 2014.

New South Wales police say investigators are still committed to finding missing boy William Terrell, who disappeared in the middle of the state’s north coast in 2014, amid reports a new person of interest has been identified.

As the seventh anniversary of William’s disappearance approaches on Sunday, police confirmed that a $1 million reward is still in place for information that could solve the mystery of his fate.

The boy was three years old when he disappeared from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall, about 36 kilometers from Port Macquarie, on September 12, 2014.

He was last seen wearing his lovable Spider-Man costume, which has become synonymous with the notable missing person case that captivated the nation.

Tuesday The Daily Telegraph It was reported that investigators were approaching an important person He was previously excluded in the case and is scheduled to question the suspect.

NSW Police did not confirm the report but said that Roseanne’s force detectives were not comfortable chasing William and who may have taken him.

“The NSW Police Force remains committed to finding William Terrell, and the investigations by the Roseanne hit squad, led by Chief Detective Inspector David Laidlaw, are ongoing,” the police said in a statement.

Strike Force investigators continue to conduct interviews, searches and other investigative activities, including those under orders from the coronavirus, as well as review all material with the assistance of various experts.

Police believe that the boy is dead and that an official investigation into his fate began in 2019.

The comprehensive investigation into his disappearance was one of the largest ever conducted in New South Wales, and more than 600 people of interest have been identified.

The case’s former lead investigator, famed veteran cop Gary Joplin, resigned in 2019 after being accused of illegally recording former suspect Paul Savage on a mobile phone.

Jubelin argued in court that he did so to protect his legal interests but was found guilty and fined $10,000. He appealed the decision without success.

Several theories have been put forward about William’s disappearance, including that he may have been kidnapped by a gang of pedophiles operating in the area.

Police will celebrate the seven-year anniversary of William’s disappearance this weekend as part of an ongoing public appeal for information on the case.

William’s mystery is back in the spotlight due to its startling similarities to NSW child Anthony’s hunt for astronomer AJ, which culminates in the… Monday Miracle Rescue.

Three-year-old AJ had been missing for about four days before a police helicopter found him in a creek just 470 meters from his home in Butte, Hunter County.

Some of the investigators involved in the search for William joined in the search for AJ.



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