Will the US see more lockdowns in the future? Dr. Anthony Fauci says ‘no’ but warns that ‘things will only get worse’ | world News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, US President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, said Sunday that while the United States is unlikely to see further lockdowns, there is still “some pain and suffering” in the country due to the growing number of infections in the country. Dr. Fauci’s comments came even as the risk of infection due to the delta variant continues to rise in the country.

“I don’t think we will see lockdowns. I think we have enough percentage of people in the country, which is not enough to crush the outbreak, but I think that is enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in,” Fauci said during an interview on ABC. Last winter’s “week” on Sunday.

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However, he said, the number of infections is increasing in the country, especially among people who have not yet been vaccinated against the disease. Moreover, the expert also stressed the large number of people who are eligible for vaccination but not yet vaccinated.

But things will get worse. If you look at the acceleration in the number of cases, the seven-day average has gone up exponentially, Fauci said. “We say it over and over and it’s true, we have 100 million people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated and have not been vaccinated. We are seeing an outbreak of unvaccinated disease.” While there have been cases of breakthrough infections, he said, it was mostly mild or asymptomatic illness. There are some sudden infections among the vaccinators. You might expect this because no vaccine is 100% effective. But in penetrative infections, it’s often mild or asymptomatic, while the unvaccinated, who have a much higher chance of contracting the infection in the first place, are at risk of developing a serious illness that could lead to hospitalization and in some cases death, he said as well.

Dr. Fauci emphasized once again that vaccination is the answer to the problem of increased infection. “So we’re not looking, I think, at closure but we’re looking at some pain and suffering in the future because we’re seeing cases rise. And that’s why we say over and over again that the solution to this is vaccination and that’s not going to happen.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also said that vaccination reduces the chances of hospitalization or death from Covid-19. However, it also cautioned that vaccinated people can still spread the delta variant and recommended an indoor public-to-all face mask in areas where the disease is highest.


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