Will Smith talks about his private life with Jada Pinkett Smith

will Smith He has some interesting things to say about his life with Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out the latest reports here.

“Wow! One thing about Smith, they’re going to give you all the raw real truth about their marriage, and while Jada has been making headlines lately, Will is here pouring some tea too! #WillSmith talked to Oprah about the way he and #JadaPinkettSmith used to On getting off at the start of their relationship, he didn’t leave out the details, “she said The Shade Room.

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TSR continued, “She will join Oprah on her Apple TV+ series ‘The Oprah Conversation’ to discuss the details of his ‘amazing’ sexual life with Jada early on in their relationship, which he has written about in his new memoir.” During the interview, Will said that he and Jada “drank every day and had sex several times each day, for four months in a row.”

“I’m starting to wonder if this is a competition,” added Will Smith. Either way, as far as I was concerned, there were only two possibilities. I was going to sexually satisfy this woman, or I’d die trying.

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One said, “They talk every day about having a relationship, we don’t care,” and another said, “I feel sad that this guy killed his legacy with this shit.”

One commenter posted this: ‘Nobody cares anymore! We still don’t buy the book! One fan said, “Why are they showing all their work for people to see…I never understood it.”

Another follower said, “Oh my God, we are not your therapist…Voluntary information about your marriage is not,” and one follower said, “He wrote a book so we hear the information regardless.”

will Smith He recently opened up about how he fell in love with a co-star. Check out the latest news about the celebrities below.

TSR noted that “while many people are moms about their relationships, we can always count on #WillSmith and #JadaPinkettSmith to keep this with us and share all the ups and downs in their lives. While he was serious last week, Will opened up and got an insight into his previous marriage to #ShereeZampino.

TSR also mentioned that in an exclusive excerpt from his upcoming memoir, “Will,” the actor said he fell in love with his then-star, Stockard Channing, in Six Degrees of Separation while he was married to Sherry.

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