Why you need to watch the most underrated sci-fi thriller on Amazon Prime Video.


مامودو اتھی۔

Amazon Prime Video

As part of a collaboration with Horror Movie Factory Blum House, several minor horror flicks have made their way into Amazon Prime Video over the past two years. This may sound unfair, vile. The eight-film (so far) Anthology has given a large number of emerging filmmakers the opportunity to enter the horror arena.

Unfortunately, the majority of these films did not go beyond the 50% mark on Metacritic. Most have an interesting foundation and most (read: seven out of eight) are less than capable.

But one raises an eyebrow in the “oh, that was amazingly good” style.

The black box is the best and farthest from the Blum House-Prime video group. A sci-fi skyscraper, with a terrifying tilt, could rightly claim the 2020 release Black mirror Comparison, taking conflicting people and handing them over to technology with results.

We literally dive into the head of Nolan Wright (Mamoudou Athie), a man who wakes up from a coma with amnesia. It sounds like a familiar area, but it is reinforced by Nolan’s daughter Ava, played by Amanda Christine, a child actor who is so good that she will make Stranger Things kids run for their money. ۔

A terrible moment.

Blum House / Amazon Studios

Ten-year-old Ava often grows up in a relationship that reminds her father who she is, eats dinner and usually accompanies her small family life. You want her to have a good life and finally Nolan realizes that she needs to do something so that her daughter deserves it.

Fortunately, there is a new, experimental therapy on offer, which includes hypnosis and a generic VR headset called a “black box”. (No spoilers: It’s all in the trailer.) The doctor’s long explanation is short, it takes Nolan to the bottom of his brain, where he searches for important memories. It’s a glimpse of the White Christmas Black Mirror episode, or any entry that involves technology.

Yet Blackbox’s indie movie delivery, with its focus on character self-discovery, offers a slightly different definition.


Nolan and his daughter Ava (Amanda Christine).

Blum House / Amazon Studios

As we begin in the less important, character-focused mode, the relatively low-budget sci-fi imagery of the black box leaves a strong impression. It’s a critical moment in Nolan’s memory – taking us into a bright, sunken place that plays with control over one’s body and subconscious. It also has a body-connecting monster, along with a cracking string score that overwhelms the sense of prediction and mystery.

Even if you don’t read the basics of the black box, it soon becomes clear that there is no such thing as what it looks like – not only with the process of finding memory, but also with Nolan in general. With the existence of “You shouldn’t have avoided it,” said one doctor, referring to Nolan’s unconscious car accident.

It offers the pleasant experience of getting clues, clumsy or otherwise. Some have described the aspect of the black box memory puzzle as Memento-esque. While not as clever or sophisticated as Christopher Nolan’s classic, Black Box describes its game-changing revelations in a way that creates exciting momentum, rightly conveying the finest moments.

The black box hides behind you with its oil-powered parts, assembled to provide a simple but effective morsel of sci-fi horror. It corrects the human side of the story, summing up each element in an emotionally rewarding way. If you’re a sci-fi buff, especially the hidden gem type, go to Amazon Prime Video. The black box should be marked on your list, especially as an indication of what is to come from debut director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr.

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