Why Brenden Rice should be a focal point of CU Buffs’ list for November

We’d like to help again from Brendan Rice, please. and third. and sixth.

CU offensive coordinator Darin Chiaverini didn’t have much to impress during the Buffs’ lost season. But did you know? The more we see Rice, the widely talented freshman and son of NFL legend Jerry Rice, the more we think he’s No. 2 Might be a way out of the dark for 2-6 CU.

• The Buffs this season against FBS enemies when Rice has touched the ball at least three times in a game: 19.0 points per game.

• Amateurs this season against FBS enemies when rice isn’t: 8.0 points per mile.

Okay, so we stick to straws, at least when it comes to silver linings. But at least the former scenario – a healthy slice of rice – gives you a fighting chance.

Especially this weekend, with a lightly injured Oregon group arriving at Folsom Field on Saturday after losing at Cal. The Beavers (5-3) surrendered 262 passing yards and three degrees in the air to the Golden Bears (3-5) in a 39-25 defeat.

In five Pac-12 games, Oregon allows 285 passes and two touchdowns per outing. That might be a wrinkle to exploit for the limp Buffs, given how CU finished a 52-29 setback in Oregon, the top-ranked team in West College Football’s newest Top 25 in the Denver Post, Saturday.

The Buffs made it interesting of late after they trailed by 45-14 in the third quarter, thanks in part to the relationship between young quarterback Brendon Lewis and Rice, who both managed to score 16 yards before 6:04 from the left. The 6-foot-3 wide finish finished with 119 scrimmage yards on six touches, five of those coming through the air for 102 yards, while running six backhand Oregon kicks for another 162 yards.


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