Why aren’t you a celebrity tonight?

I’m famous Fans watching tonight’s episode will be very disappointed.

This year’s series premiere was canceled on Friday (November 25th) for the first time as a “precautionary” measure due to Storm Irwin.

These measures have been extended with ITV Announcing that Saturday (November 26) and Sunday (November 28) episodes have been cancelled.

In place of the episodes were a set of highlights from the previous series.

This was the first time an episode of I’m famous It was pulled in its 19-year history – and ITV has now confirmed that the show won’t air on Monday (November 29) either.

The new series has been produced They fell into chaos Since the beginning of last Sunday (November 21).

Richard Madeley, who was said to be One of the highest paid contestants in the 2021 series, I was forced out of the show After feeling “unwell”.

The Good morning Britain The shareholder was taken to hospital for a medical examination. However, due to the Covid bubble in the show being broken, he was forced to withdraw. his daughter, Chloe, He said he was “angry” by decision.

Ant and Dec will return to perform ‘I’m a Celebrity’ on Monday (November 30th)


Two celebrities were on the verge of quitting last week. After failing two assignments, music producer and rapper naughty boy He threatened to leave the series with the ex Come Strictly Danceg judge Arlene Phillips follow suit.

the sun Reports indicate that Philips, at 78, the oldest contestant ever to have competed in the show, suffers from “chronic pain”.

Meanwhile, the pop star on Saturdays Frankie Bridge It is said that he developed a rash that worried the doctors.

Representatives of the program also confirmed that a “security breach” had been identified earlier this week. “An intruder has been removed from the site with immediate effect,” they said.

I’m famous He will be back (hopefully) as usual on Tuesday (November 30th).

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