Whoopi Goldberg health: Star had 30% chance of dying from pneumonia

Inviting her doctor onto the show to speak in detail about her health ordeal, the extent of Goldberg’s condition was revealed. Explaining that she had initially got a cough in November, by February 2020 the illness had left her unable to walk and barely able to breathe, meaning that the star was rushed to A&E.

“Her teeth were chattering, she was gasping for air,” Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said, recalling the star’s symptoms before her hospitalisation. “I could barely understand Whoopi.

“I tried not to sound scared… I was afraid she wasn’t going to wake up because you don’t know if someone, when they give you those clues ― is she really now just tired or is she going to become unconscious and this is it?”

Pulmonologist Martin Greenberg confessed that the star had a shocking 30 percent chance of dying from her symptoms that included a high fever, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and low oxygen levels.

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