Who will win the Week 12 game on Sunday night in Baltimore? Twin cities

Here’s how the Baltimore Sun sports staff looks at the outcome of Sunday night’s Week 12 game between the Ravens (7-3) and the Cleveland Browns (6-5) at M&T Bank Stadium:

Jonas Shaffer, reporter

Browns 21, Ravens 20: Welcome back to AFC North, where expectations don’t equal the paper they are printed on. In the event of an attack, the Ravens will have to create their own running game or risk overtaking Lamar Jackson with lunging passes. In terms of defense, the Ravens won’t have to worry too much about Baker Mayfield or Jarvis Landry, but can the Seven hold them up against one of the NFL’s top offensive lines? At some point, the success of the crows will begin to bite nails evenly. Sunday’s game might be one of those games.

Mike Preston, columnist

Crows 21, Brown 17: Cleveland would give a problem crows because browns have physical inner stripes on either side of the ball. Brown will be able to put a lot of pressure on quarterback Lamar Jackson, but Jackson, assuming he plays, will be the difference in the game. He’s superior to Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield and his dribbling would allow him to make several big plays.

Childs Walker, reporter

Crows 27, Brown 23: This is one of the toughest matches of the year to analyze. Brown could pose serious problems with the league’s top running game and elite defenders, but they’ve only played their potential a few times this season. They never know what they are going to get from midfielder Baker Mayfield. If the Ravens had Lamar Jackson in relatively good health, they would have a late win.

Ryan McFadden, reporter

Crows 24, brown 20: There’s no telling what kind of quarterback Baker Mayfield will be on Sunday night. However, Cleveland has an elite rushing attack and defensive end, Miles Garrett will give the Ravens offensive line problems. Quarterback Lamar Jackson has said many times that he doesn’t like playing simple games. Unfortunately for him, this game has the makings of a close finish and the Ravens will need their star quarterback to help them win.

CJ Doon, Editor

Crows 27, brown 24: With health concerns surrounding both midfielders, this is hard to predict. But if Lamar Jackson is back to full strength, he’ll be happy to see Brown on the stream. Jackson is 4-1 as the starting quarterback against Cleveland, with 10 touchdown passes and four touchdown touchdowns in those games. I’m more confident that Jackson is recovering from his illness than Baker Mayfield who plays through knee, heel and shoulder injuries, no matter how tough they say the Browns player. The Ravens will have a hard time stopping Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney, but a healthy Jackson will be the difference maker on Sunday night.

Tim Schwartz, Editor

Crows 24, Brown 17: All eyes will be on Lamar Jackson to see how he recovers from his illness, but if history is any indication, he will be fine. In his first game after testing positive for COVID-19 last November, Jackson led the Ravens to a 34-17 victory over the Cowboys and completed 12 of 17 passes for 107 yards and two touchdowns while running for 94 yards and score in 13 holds. Jackson said Wednesday that he’s feeling himself again — for real this time — so the Ravens will be near full health for the first time this season and ready to run the ball on a near-freezing night in Baltimore. He’s kept Brown’s defense on his feet and Miles Jarrett will continue to defend his case for Defensive Player of the Year, but Baker Mayfield is nowhere to be bettered than Jackson.

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