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Who is the bull from The Masked Singer? All clues so far

disguised singer Season 6 has finally arrived, with 16 celebrities taking to the stage wearing a unique mask in an attempt to conceal their identity. After each show, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy, along with viewers at home, will try to guess their identity, with one famous face revealed each week. Bull gave a show last night and blew up the board with his performance of “Drops of Jupiter” on the train.

All clues to the identity of the bull disguised singer

For each week The Bull remains in competition, they will share a ‘guide pack’ before their performance, as many hints about their identity are dropped.

Not all clues are necessarily related but will indicate the identity of the bull. Onstage clues from the song selection to their conversations with host Nick Cannon and panelists were also revealed. There are plenty of clues to consider, so viewers should keep their eyes and ears peeled if they want to get The Bull’s identity right.

first package

  • We were introduced to The Bull on the sea
  • Reflecting on his childhood, the bull said they had grown up in a small town “surrounded by cows.”
  • Bull said he left his small town “in search of his destiny” but suffered initial rejection. “You simply did not open the doors you knocked on,” he said.
  • He never gave up on his dreams, and became his own boss. Share “Ultimately Hollywood and even Forbes noticed it.”
  • In the background of the first guide pack were a series of objects including a flag showing its face, a portrait, a map of Cooperstown, a selection of doors, and a rainbow-colored sky full of stars.
  • The astronaut costume is shown in the first package alongside a lion.

on the stage

The bull did not concede much during their first performance in disguised singer Where he performed “Drops of Jupiter” by train.

Speaking after his performance, Bull spoke, telling host Nick Cannon, “Well, Nick, you might find this quite a surprise, but I’m actually pretty shy about singing.”

Despite his singing shyness, The Bull hasn’t held back from dropping some killer dance moves, suggesting he might not be a complete stranger to performing.

Bull performance on the masked singer

Committee members guess

week 1

Committee members believe singers Brian Littrell and Cisco could be under the mask.

Former WWE wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson was another name thrown into the ring.

Fan guesses

the majority disguised singer Fans share their thoughts about Twitter We think Todrick Hall is behind The Bull.

Hall is an American singer, songwriter, choreographer, and YouTuber from Plainview, Texas.

Hall became famous in 2010 after appearing in the ninth season of American Idol.

Since then, Hall has performed on Broadway and West End. From 2016 to 2017, he played the role of Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway and in 2017, he took on the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago on Broadway and later, the West End.

He has released four studio albums to date and serves as a resident choreographer and occasional guest judge RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Plainview is a farming community in Texas, and The Bull revealed in his first evidence package that he grew up “surrounded by cows.” In 2014, Hall was named to the Forbes Under-30 list, and in his evidence package, The Bull is mentioned after facing rejection by Hollywood and Forbes “noticed”. Toddrick Hall probably shouldn’t be taken out of the race just yet.

One fan wrote: “Taurus must be @todrick #TheMaskedSinger” while one fan said: “Taurus is undoubtedly @todrick. #TheMaskedSinger”

A third fan added, “So we’re in agreement that Taurus is Toddrick Hall right?? #TheMaskedSinger.”

disguised singer It airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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