WHO holds emergency meeting to discuss ‘highly mutated’ COVID-19 variant, UK takes action

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WHO meets to discuss new ‘highly mutated’ COVID-19 variant
The World Health Organization Holds a meeting on Friday to discuss the dramatic rise in novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in South Africa A new type of virus has been blamed.

Jo Vahla, South Africa’s health minister, identified the new variant as B.1.1.529 and said it appeared to be highly contagious among young people.

BBC mentioned That the new variant appears to be the most significantly mutated to date in the outbreak. Health reporter James Gallagher writes that one scientist described the alternative as “appalling.” He said the WHO meeting would likely result in the variable getting a Greek symbolic name, such as the delta variable.

“We were surprised by this alternative,” Tulio de Oliveira, director of the South African Epidemiological Response and Innovation Center, told the news outlet. “She has a huge leap in development [and] More mutations that we expected.”

Nature Magazine mentioned That variant was first reported in Botswana earlier this month. The report said scientists are trying to determine whether the variant can somehow evade the immune response. “We’re flying really fast,” said one researcher in Johannesburg.

The British government announced that it has banned flights from South Africa and five other countries in South Africa from Friday noon (1200 GMT) and that anyone who has recently arrived from those countries will be required to take a coronavirus test.

British Health Minister Sajid Javid said there were concerns that the new variant “may be more transmissible” than the prevailing Delta strain, and that “the vaccines we currently have may be less effective” against it. Click here for more information on our top story.

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New York Times employees revolt, press weekend to boycott Wirecutter service amid strike
Staff from The New York Times They revolt openly against the employer in solidarity with colleagues who went on strike during that Thanksgiving weekend.

Wirecutter, which The Times describes as a “product recommendation service” that provides trusted advice to consumers on the latest merchandise selling, published an article Thursday on “75+ Best Early Black Friday Deals of 2021” ahead of the season’s biggest shopping day.

However, when The Times published the article on Twitter, the newspaper faced negative reactions, including from many employees.

“100 PERCENT FROM wirecutterunion are on strike starting today!” Times reporter Davey Alba exclaim. These posts are brought to you by assigning New York to work to middle managers and freelancers instead of paying a total of $300,000 in increments distributed to 66 people to wirecutterunion! The New York Times has a billion dollars in cash! “

Journalists from other news organizations and progressive activists such as the New York City Department of Social Democrats of America also expressed their support for Wirecutter’s employees.

A spokesperson for The Times told Fox News, “The New York Times has a long history of fruitful relationships with unions to advance our common goals. We are actively working with Wirecutter Union to reach a collective bargaining agreement that continues to reward our employees for their work and contributions to the success of the Times, and we look forward to continuing those Negotiations are at the negotiating table in early December.

The strike, which is set to run through Monday, is urging the public to “not cross the digital picket line” by not using Wirecutter during busy shopping weekends. Click here for more.

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Afghan translator expresses gratitude for girls’ education, America’s first Thanksgiving
Three months ago, Zabihullah R. worked as a combat interpreter in the 82nd Airborne Division in AfghanistanHe did not know what would happen to him and his family after the US military withdrawal.

Zabihullah, known to soldiers as Johnny, was able to flee Kabul in August, with the help of a US senator, a special group of veterans, and members of the 82nd Airborne Division. Johnny and his family arrived at their new home in North Carolina in October.

Today, his young daughters are already getting something they wouldn’t have had under the Taliban: an education. They were welcomed into their new school in Weddington, North Carolina, and embraced by the community, where many of Johnny’s soldiers who served alongside now live.

“They are happy and excited,” Johnny said. “Every morning… it’s six in the morning, my two daughters, get up and get ready… just come to my room and wake us up.”

Johnny worked as a translator for Sgt. Mike Ferrardo, who lost his leg in the Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan in 2010 and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Mike underwent more than 100 surgeries on Walter Reed after serving with the 508th Infantry Regiment, an Airborne Infantry Regiment of the United States Army, first formed in October 1942 during World War II. Mike and Johnny each have three daughters.

Now, they are neighbors, and their daughters are best friends. Their girls went trick-or-treating for the first time and now have play dates after school.

“Seeing our six girls play together, six little girls whose fathers served together, shoulder to shoulder in Afghanistan, healed all of our hearts a little bit each day,” said Sarah Ferrardo, Mike’s wife and CEO of the Independence Trust. and co-founder of Save our Allies. “These children are an example to everyone of what it means to love all people.” Click here for more.

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Some miscellaneous words

A marine Veterinarian Dr Who lost his legs in an explosive device Thanksgiving In 2010 the holiday season is dedicated to giving thanks to American troops.

Collaborate with Staff Sgt. Gabriel Martinez, now retired medically Semper Fi and the Fund of America, NoThe profit it provides Programs to help wounded veteranssIn order to give back to fellow veterans this holiday season, he said,Fox News LiveOn Thanksgiving Day.

“Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund have now been a part of my family since the injury and I’m just one of the millions of veterans who have been helping them with mind, body and spirit,” Martinez said. “Since my injury, they have helped in almost any aspect they have. So many generous Americans are willing to provide monetary value and support, so this time of year is not only special to me, but to the fund.”

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