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Crows (7-3) are coming Another wild end in a 16-13 win over the Bears in Chicago. Backup Tyler Huntley led Baltimore to victory but started Quarterback Lamar Jackson is expected to return to the position For key content in the North Asian Championships against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night. Here’s who has the advantage at each stage:

Ravens pass game vs Brown pass defense

Back quarterback Tyler Huntley led the Ravens to a victory over the Chicago Bears, but Lamar Jackson is expected to return from illness against the Browns. Jackson struggled with the relentless Miami Dolphins lightning strikes It’s his last start, but Brown is ranked the 10th lowest in the league, so this might not be the week for him to show how he’s coped. The Ravens also played without wide receiver No. 1, Marquis “Hollywood” Brown (thigh), against the Bears. Tight end Mark Andrews surged as Huntley’s main target with eight assists, five of which were on the first touchdown. He is on the right track to achieve the highest professional standards at receptions and arenas. Veteran Sammy Watkins was even sharper in his second game after injuring his hamstring, catching the pass that brought down the Ravens. A first-round pick, Rashod Pittman had 21 passes for 270 yards in his first five games and also scored three overlapping kicks, as a result of his clean and quick release from the line of scrimmage. The Ravens are ranked 11th in the league in passes and 14th in yards per attempt.

The Browns feature some of the best defensive talent on the front line in the league and are ranked eighth in passing defense (although only 24th in the DVOA Football Outsiders’). They’ve been burned by some of the best quarterbacks they’ve faced, most recently New England Patriots rookie Mac Jones in a 45-7 loss in Week 10. Miles Jarrett is the lead candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, with 13 sacks and 26 quarterback hits in 11 games . Jadeveon Clowney (neck/wrist/knee), who was limited on Wednesday, played well on the other side, with 3 sacks and 12 quarterbacks in 10 games. Denzel Ward is once again one of the best players in the league after struggling at times in the second and third seasons.

Edge: Until

Brown pass vs crows game defense pass

Quarterback Baker Mayfield (shoulder/foot/groin), who didn’t train on Wednesday, deals with a torn labrum and a broken free shoulder, completing just 15 passes out of 29 with two interceptions while Brown scraped them off by the unwinnable Detroit Lions of the week. 11. Mayfield is ranked 27th on ESPN’s QBR, a measure of overall broker performance. He’s still doing his best playing work but has picked up 27 sacks in 10 games, which is a surprise given the quality of Cleveland’s offensive line. Jarvis Landry, the wide receiver, remains Mayfield’s most popular target, but his efficiency has declined this season. Donovan Peoples-Jones is a vertical threat, averaging 20.6 yards per catch, but he missed the Lions game with a thigh injury. He missed training on Wednesday. Brown’s best receiver off the court, Karim Hunt, could return from a calf injury against the Ravens. This could be bad news for a defense that struggled to limit yardage after the catch.

The crows gave up a 60-yard landing from a wide receiver against the bears, too They succumbed to a 49-yard drop when they shot down a fourth down late in the game. They hold first in the league in defense of third place, but explosive plays have been the reason for their regression. They rely on inexperienced players like Chris Westery and Brandon Stevens in high school. Outfield linebacker Tyus Bowser played the best game of his career in Chicago, with a ribbon bag and another bag at the last play of the game. His partner on the edge, Justin Houston, leads the team with 15 quarterbacks.

Edge: Until

Ravens Running game vs Brown running defense

Latavius ​​Murray came back from an ankle injury against the Bears, carrying 10-16 for Defonta Freeman. It combined for 81 yards, averaging 3.1 per carry. The Ravens are third in the league in rushing and fifth in yards per carry, but they rely heavily on Jackson, who is on his way for another 1,000-yard season. Tight end Nick Boyle, one of the major running blockers, He’s back against the bears after a full year of recovery from knee surgery.

Brown carries his opponents out to 4.1 yards per carry, so this won’t be an easy week for the Ravens to make their way to victory. Clooney and Garrett set the edges, and Anthony Walker played well as Cleveland’s busiest linebacker. The Browns’ defense has moved in the wrong direction over the past two weeks, allowing 352 yards to go against the Lions and Patriots.

Edge: crows

Brown running game vs crows running defense

The Browns lead the league in rushing and yards per attempt and could have two highest appearances, Nick Chubb and Hunt, together for the first time since Week 5. Chubb, one of the league’s most destructive outdoor runners, averaged 106.4 yards per game. And 6 yards per load. D’Ernest Johnson played well as a third quarterback, averaging 5.2 yards per deal. The performance of the three backs is a testament to their talent but also to Cleveland’s outstanding offensive line. Goalkeepers White Teller and Joel Pettonio are among the best running blockers in football. Despite their outstanding talent, Brown’s team faced criticism for not always pressing for advantage in a running match; They have failed to hit 100 yards in three of their last six games, losing every time they have failed.

The Ravens are second in the league in running defense and catch opponents by 4.2 yards per carry. Defensive end Calais Campbell was the most prominent in the interior, and he’s played better in the second tier since then Josh Bynes installed as a quarterback And move Patrick Quinn to the weak side. No opponent ran for more than 131 yards against them; Brown averaged 156.8. And something you have to give.

Edge: Brown

Ravens Special Teams vs. Brown’s Special Teams

The Ravens have been more neglected than usual in coverage over the past few weeks but still rank second in the DVOA specials. Kicker Justin Tucker made three field attempts, all necessary, in difficult conditions in Chicago. He hit 20 of 22 in the season. Devin Duvernay is one of the most dangerous returnees in the league, averaging 15.6 yards on kicks and averaging 24.7 yards on kickoff.

The Browns are ranked 16th in the DVOA Special Teams. Kicker Chase McLaughlin made 13 of 16 field goal attempts, and all of his fouls ranged from 40 to 49 yards. Dmitrik Felton averaged 7.9 yards on 29 rebounds from the penalty spot.

Edge: crows

Intangible crows vs intangible brown

Ravens added another notch to Return of the Kings belt They won in the last minute in Chicago. They haven’t quite reached their stride as a team but they think they will find a way to win more often. They would feel more confident against Brown with Jackson on the head. He gave one of the most exciting performances of his career the last time the two teams met, coming out of the tunnel in Cleveland to Leads the team to a 47-42 win.

Brown has been one of the best Jekyll and Hyde teams in the league, alternating wins and losses over the past six weeks. They seem to be dealing with the enduring drama around Mayfield, whose injuries and erratic playing have led to questions about his long-term future at Cleveland. The Browns will drop to 6-6 if they lose, so they have every reason to play urgently.

Edge: crows


This is one of the toughest matches of the year to analyze. Brown could pose serious problems with the league’s top running game and elite defenders, but they’ve only played their potential a few times this season. They never know what they are going to get from midfielder Mayfield. If the Ravens had a relatively healthy Jackson, they would take a late win. Crows 27, Brown 23

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