White House confirms Biden will host Trudeau Lopez Obrador next week

The Canadian and Mexican ambassadors to the United States also signed a letter led by fellow ambassadors from Germany and the European Union expressing concern about a proposed U.S. tax credit for electric vehicles that would only be available for cars made in the United States with union workers. The countries have also challenged how the United States implements rules of origin for cars under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Biden Summit watch: Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that a long-awaited virtual summit meeting between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled for next week. There was no official confirmation from the White House of meeting plans until Wednesday morning.

“We don’t have anything to announce,” a senior administration official said. “We have an agreement in principle to hold a virtual bilateral meeting before the end of the year. Work-level discussions are underway to confirm details.”

That was echoed by White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre told reporters Tuesday at the daily briefing.

“So, as we said, we have an agreement in principle with the People’s Republic of China that President Xi and President Biden will have a virtual bilateral meeting before the end of the year,” Jean-Pierre said. “But I don’t have any updates for you at this time or an announcement at any time about this.”

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