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Boston (CBS) – New England Patriots 0-1. New York Jets 0-1. The two competitors are tied in the two divisions on Sunday afternoon.

After a disappointing home loss to the Miami Dolphins to start the 2021 season, the Patriots have a somewhat disingenuous “must win” tendency against the Jets this weekend. Teams that start season 0-2 rarely make the post-season, which has already been an uphill battle for the new-look Patriots.

Much of what happened to New England in the opening game was from their doing, from the eight penalty shootouts to the two teams’ stumbles. They don’t need to be perfect against the Jets, but the Patriots still need to clean things up this weekend.

Here’s how the WBZ-TV and CBS Boston sports team sees Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Jets:

Steve Burton, WBZ Sports

The Patriots should score their first win of the season when they face the Jets. Both teams 0-1, but the last time the Patriots started the season 0-2 was 20 years ago.

Butts protected the ball and played disciplined football this week. Find Mac Jones to really pick up where he left off and defend the Patriots to start the fire. They’ll be trying to piss off rookie QB Zach Wilson all day.

Patriots 28, planes 14

Dan Roche, WBZ Sports

This feels like the Patriots must win if they want to be the team they think they can be in December and January. Mac Jones should be more comfortable and Belichick 21-6 against the rookie quarterback since 2000 heading into this game against Zach Wilson.

Patriots 28, planes 7

Lifan Reed, WBZ Sports

So the only element we can take away from the first Patriots game is that Mac Jones is tough and will stay in the pocket. He had to do it against a solid Dolphins defense, but this week against the Jets, that won’t necessarily be the case.

Butts must be able to withstand the rush of plane passes and they must also be able to run the ball.

This will be a game full of patches for New England. No blunders, fewer kicks and the defense will try to do a better job by playing fast at the start of the two halves.

Jones will win the QBs rookie fight against Zach Wilson, and the Bates will claim their first win of the season.

Patriots 34, aircraft 17

Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

six. This is the number I’m using this week. six. It’s the number of times Zach Wilson was fired last week. Six times. Six different cheetahs scored at least half a sack, and they achieved 10 QB results overall. The Panthers ended up catching one pass and smashing six others.

This is a chaotic day for the rookie midfielder. And Sunday must be just as painful.

So as much as the Patriots showed they had a lot of growth to do, they still managed to make the day miserable for Wilson. In this, it will make a huge difference.

24 Patriots, 6 . planes

Matthew Gigan, CBS Boston

The new era in New England will not start with the Patriots falling 0-2 with a loss to the Gates. It just won’t happen.

The Bates were their worst enemy this past weekend, so expect a cleaner outing this Sunday. They should reduce their own costly sanctions against the dolphins. And while the defense was pretty strong overall against Miami, they couldn’t get that leg up in the first week. That won’t be the case this weekend. New York’s offensive streak is in shambles, so expect a big weekend of New England passing rush.

As long as the offense holds the ball, the Patriots should leave the Midlands with a fairly easy victory.

27 Patriots, 10 . planes

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