Where to Buy Nvidia RTX 30 or AMD RX 6000 Graphics Card

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  • New Nvidia and AMD graphics cards have propelled the PC gaming boom amid a lack of international chips.
  • RTX 30 and RX 6000 series cards are made at different prices and performance levels.
  • Best Buy will sell RTX 30 cards at select retail locations on August 26.

Computer graphics cards designed by Nvidia and AMD serve as the heart of gaming PCs, offering increasing levels of image quality and rendering speed with cards in a wide range of prices.

As home-made gaming computers become more common, the demand for individually sold graphics cards has increased dramatically, causing most stores to run out of stock on a daily basis. Only a few retailers, such as Microcenter, Best Buy, and Navig, have advertised the stock.

Best Buy plans to launch the Nvidia RTX 30 Series graphics card at select stores on August 26. You need to check the list of stores that have graphics cards. Best Buy employees will line up at 7:30 a.m. local time and start issuing tickets.

To help you buy the best graphics card without paying extra, we’ve broken down the inside and outside of Nvidia’s RTX 30 and AMD’s RX 6000 series products. That said, it’s important to remember that stocks are hard to come by for all the models we’ve listed, so prices above the MSRP are currently unavoidable.

The initial prices we’ve listed are for reference so you can decide if the higher prices you come across are premium. We will update this page with further purchase options and re-alert as soon as they are announced.

Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics card.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 graphics card

Nvidia’s RTX 3060ti graphics card.

Best Buy

Nodia has called the demand for its latest RTX 30 graphics card “unprecedented”. Since September 2020, seven different cards have joined the RTX 30 line, with suggested prices ranging from $ 329 to $ 1,500.

Priced at around $ 700, the RTX 3080 is an ideal choice for most people who will cater to the needs of the toughest PC gaming enthusiasts. The $ 400 RTX 3060 Ti is a great choice for Madrid and budget PCs, offers excellent performance at 1080p, but struggles when pushed forward


Nvidia graphics cards have great software features and developer support that can benefit gamers who stream or record their gameplay for YouTube.

. Nvidia’s exclusive DLSS software helps improve performance in certain games using artificial intelligence

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series GRaffles card

AMD RX 6800XT graphics cad.

The AMD RX 6800XT was released in November 2020.


AMD’s graphics cards aren’t as popular as Nvidia’s, but they do have a lot of power and are usually less expensive than their RTX counterparts. Adding AMD cards to AMD processors adds extra performance, which competes with Intel as the most popular gaming CPU, and is generally more cost-effective. ۔

The Radeon 6800XT RTX 3080 at $ 649 AMD offers comparable performance at کم 50 less, while the $ 579 AMD RX 6800 parallels the 99 599 RTX 3070ti. The $ 999 Radeon RX 6900XT is better than the $ 1500 RTX 3090 in some games, but AMD’s cards struggle with some new features, such as ray trace lighting and AI-powered resolution scaling.

Some of the newly released games with these features will likely run better on Nvidia hardware unless AMD develops its own performance enhancement solutions. On the other hand, some popular titles like “Borderlands 3” work better on AMD devices, so performance differences will vary depending on your game selection.

Where to Buy Nvidia or AMD Graphics Cards

Recommended retailers for Nvidia or AMD graphics cards include Microcenter, Best Buy, Newegg, and Amazon (Nvidia, AMD). Unfortunately, inventory is mostly sold at stores, but there are occasional restorations. AMD also sells units from its online store, and Nvidia has a tool to check stocks at other retailers.

Best Buy will sell RTX 30 cards at selected retail locations on August 26. You can see if your local store will carry inventory on the Best Buy website. Best Buy employees will issue tickets to customers standing in line at 7:30 a.m. local time on August 26. Ticket recipients will be able to purchase the card after the store opens.

If you’re looking for an Nvidia or AMD graphics card online, we recommend checking these landing pages regularly:

Manufacturer EVGA also offers a virtual waitlist through its website, so you can choose to contact us by email when stock is available. However, the EVGA waitlist is months long, and the RTX 3080 and RTX 3060ti are particularly in high demand.

How to buy a graphics card

The lack of an international chip starting in 2020 makes it incredibly difficult to buy new graphics cards right now. Resellers are charging more than the retail price on eBay and Amazon, and even older cards are being sold above market rates. Given the current market situation, it may be cheaper to buy a pre-manufactured gaming PC or laptop, rather than buying and owning a graphics card separately.

Prices for the same card may vary from manufacturer, with upgrades such as additional cooling fans or an increase in the cost of RGB lighting. Graphics cards were also affected by the increase in US tariffs in early 2021, with manufacturers raising their prices from R 70 to 300 300 compared to the RTX 30 series and AMD 6000 series cards.

What to know before buying a graphics card

A graphics card can be the most important part of building a gaming PC, as it will determine the optimal performance of your computer. However, the more you spend on a graphics card, the more you’ll need to spend on other parts to make sure you’re not limiting its capabilities.

Even a T 1,500 graphics card like the RTX 3090 can be tricky if paired with an older processor or motherboard, so before spending most of your budget on a graphics card, make sure your The components in a computer are all modern and compatible.

In particular, you should make sure that your power supply can meet the needs of your favorite card, and you should check to see if your motherboard supports PCI 4.0. A weak CPU can create a hurdle that also limits the overall speed of your gaming computer, so if you can’t upgrade your CPU to a similar standard, spend more on your graphics card. Don’t do

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