What’s New in Linux Minutes 20.2 “Umm”

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What’s New in Linux Minutes 20.2 “Umm”

Linux Mint, one of the most popular Linux distributions, has released version 20.2, called “Uma”. It comes with new features, internal upgrades and other changes. Today we are taking a closer look at what’s new.

Changes and upgrades in 20.2 minutes

The Linux Mint operating system has long been known for its user-friendliness and stability. Emma has retained this legacy, making only a few changes to Mint’s update manager and stock app collection, as well as several improvements. Below are the highlights.

Update updates

Update Notification Configuration 20.2 in Linux Mint

The Mint team announced in March 2021 that when you don’t update often enough, you’ll start getting reminders on your Mint’s desktop. But we are seeing the full implementation of this feature. Now, by default, the update manager will remind you of kernel and security updates if they sit in line for seven or more login days (or 15 calendar days).

The announcement misled some readers, with speculation that the Linux mint was mimicking Microsoft’s view of operating system updates. Linux users love their freedom, and they felt that the update notification feature would be very inaccurate and would remind them of the infamous Windows 10 update.

Of course, we’re talking about snowballing notifications, forced updates and reboots. Their purpose is simply to make sure you don’t forget about critical upgrades. Furthermore, as you can see in the screenshot mentioned above, the notifications are fully configurable. You can increase or decrease the number of days there, or, if you prefer, disable the update manager completely.

New Sticky Notes app

Sticky Notes App 20.2 in Linux Mint

If you’ve been to Mint since Windows, you’ll know Ama’s new Sticky Notes app. This allows you to create and save sticky notes that remain on your desktop as long as you don’t allow sticky notes to play in the background.

A nice feature is that you can sort the notes into groups that you can hide and show whenever you need. This means you can get one set for work on the clock and another set for off-duty personal notes.

The app replaces Gnote, so if you prefer this app, you’ll have to install it yourself.

Warpinator for Android

Warpinator app on Android

While it’s not technically transforming itself into a mint, it’s worth noting that with this release, the Mint team is promoting an Android port of Mint’s popular Warpinator tool. The app is capable of high-speed file transfers over the local network, and Android Edition means you can easily copy files between your Linux and Android devices.

How do I get 20.2 minutes?

You can go to the download page of Linux Mint to download the official ISO. As always, you can choose from three desktop environments: Cinnamon, Matte and Xfs. Once you have made your choice, write it to a USB drive and gender it directly with the boot before installing.

Linux Mint Xfce Edition 20.2 A Beta Desktop

If you are already running 20 or 20.1 minutes, you should also get an upgrade in your Update Manager. Be sure to follow the Mint Team Leader to upgrade formally. Mint 20 and above will provide long-term support until April 2025, however, there should be no hassle in choosing not to upgrade.

If you are at 19.x minutes, it is possible to upgrade to 20 and then upgrade to 20.2. However, be prepared for a long and complicated process. You may be better off with a complete transcription, and the 19-year-old system should work that way.

Finally, if you use the Debian-based version of Mint, LMDE4, you will find all the port changes in your system for 20.2.

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