What’s new in iOS 15 with Home Kit?

IOS 15 has not focused much on home kit and home app improvements, but there are some notable features like home kit secure video support and new Siri functionality.

This guide highlights all the features that are new to omeHomeKit‌ in the omeiOS 15‌ and iPadOS 15 updates.

Home Kit Safe Video.

OSiOS 15‌ has introduced a new iCloud + service that offers privacy-based features like privacyiCloud‌ Private Relay and Hide My Email, but this feature also comes with the ‌ HomeKit Secure Video‌ improvement.

Home Kit Safe Video.

With CliCloud‌ +, Apple is increasing the number of omeHomeKit Secure Video‌ cameras supported with each ‌iCloud‌ plan. CliCloud‌ plans have not changed and all CliCloud‌ projects are now ‌iCloud‌ + projects, but more camera footage can be saved.

$ 0.99 per month The 50GB CliCloud‌ + storage plan offers support for a omeHomeKit Secure Video‌ camera, which is an improvement since the first 200GB plan was required to use omeHomeKit Secure Video‌.

200 2.99 per month With the 200GB ‌iCloud‌ + plan that previously offered support for one camera, you can now record up to five ome home-cut secure video‌ cameras at a time. 99 9.99 per month 2TB CliCloud‌ + storage plan supports unlimited omeHomeKit Secure Video‌ cameras, more than five.

All Ome Home Kit Secure video footage stored in CliCloud‌ is protected and encrypted from end to end, and no camera footage is accounted for by the total ‌iCloud‌ storage you have available. To use ome HomeKit Secure Video use, you need at least a 50GB plan, along with a HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV, or iPad for your omeHomeKit‌ devices. Acts as center.

Find the package.

ome HomeKit Secure Video ‌ already supports people’s identification to reduce motion alerts, but in OSiOS 15‌, security cameras and video doorbells that support HomeKit Secure Video support are the key to package delivery. Will find out and let you know that the package you are waiting for will arrive at your doorstep.

House keys

HomeKit-enabled door locks that support نئیiOS 15‌’s new home keys feature can store digital keys in the Wallet app.

IOS 15 Wallet App Home

The digital key can be used to tap to unlock the sync, so you don’t need a manufacturer’s app to use the digital unlock feature.

Home keys can be accessed via the Wallet app on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Time-based Siri commands

In OSiOS 15‌ ‌ Sir‌ can be used to control omeHomeKit‌ device at a specific time. So if you want your bedroom lights to go off at 9:00 pm, you can say, “Hey sir, turn off the bedroom lights at 9:00 pm and the voice assistant will comply.” Is.

Sri Home Kit Automation

This feature uses the automation option in the Home app, so whenever you ask ‌Siri‌ to control the omeHomeKit‌ device at a specific time, it creates an automation. You can view and delete automation in the automation section of the home app.

Active third party accessories from Siri.

Third-party omeHomeKit‌ device makers can integrate ‌ Sir‌ functionality into their devices in OSiOS 15‌, but anyone using this device must own omeHomePod‌ which can be used to root applications. This functionality needs to be implemented by the manufacturers and therefore will not be available when OSiOS 15‌ is launched.

HomePodandMini feature Orange.

‌ With Integration Integration, you can ask any synced product in your home to send messages, set up reminders, contact family members, control devices and much more.

Guide feedback.

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