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What’s going on with Jason Sanders in the kicking game? – Boston Herald

Here’s the latest Miami Dolphins Q&A, where writers David Furones and Omar Kelly at the South Florida Sun Sentinel answer readers’ questions.

<علامة class = “hl_orange”>s: How do # dolphins Fixing an off-season kicking game? I find it hard to believe that Sanders lost his touch. Does Ballardi have a problem with bookings? Will Palardy be replaced? – Dixon Tam on Twitter

<علامة class = “hl_tblue”>a: There is something at this point. Jason Sanders has missed a kick in five of the past seven games.

The latest: Doenk an extra point in Sunday’s victory over the Carolina Panthers at Hard Rock Stadium, just one week after attempting a field goal at MetLife Stadium.

Between five missed goals on the field and a point-by-point attempt on Sunday, he missed six kicks, doubling last year’s three-kick total when he was the All-Pro pick in 2020.

Sanders is freaking out right now, but I’m not going to give him up and make a drastic change this season. We still know what he’s capable of when he’s on his game, and he hasn’t yet doubled up on many fouls in the match to the point where you say he’s got ecstasy. Against the Panthers on Sunday, he made two field goal attempts in the fourth quarter — with no pressure in the blast granted — after his extra point failed.

As much as Michael Ballardi has been the new holder of the season, Dolphins specials coordinator Danny Crossman denied having anything to do with the failures last week.

“In this profession, and especially in that job, there is a fine line between success and unsuccess,” Crossman said. “We have complete confidence in [Sanders]. It’s little things. We’ll keep working, and Jason will be fine.”

Crossman also said that there was no change in Sanders’ mechanics.

“There is nothing different,” he said. “He’s been the same all three years he’s been with him. We’ll keep fine-tuning and keep working and keep grinding. One thing about Jason is he’s a worker. We’ll take care of that.”

As far as Ballardi’s kicking role, he hits a few early in the season and has one of the lowest yardage averages per kick in the NFL (44.2), but he’s No. 3 in the league in kicks within 20 (21). He pins his opponents a lot, and Gunner Mac Hollins has a great tune with him dropping his kicks deep into opponents territory.

Sanders also signed a five-year contract extension off last season. Ballardi is on a one-year deal.

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