What you need to know about the 2022 Boston Marathon


The Boston Marathon will return to the historic spring season in 2022.

The qualifying period for the 2022 Boston Marathon ends in November. (Alison Diner/The New York Times)

After two odd years thanks to the pandemic, the 126th Boston Marathon will return in April of 2022.

Next year, the Boston Marathon It will be held on Monday, April 18th, marking a return to the traditional spring season that hasn’t been celebrated since the 2019 Marathon on April 15. In 2020, the race was held roughly over a week in early September.

That means the race is just six months away and the qualifying window that opened in September 2019, Expires in just 1 month November 12th. Registration opens November 8, and runners can submit applications until 5 p.m. November 12.

“We are very much looking forward to returning to the traditional National Day race in April for 126NS Boston Marathon,” Boston Athletics Association spokesperson Chris Lotsbaum told Boston.com. “The Boston Marathon in April has been a spring tradition for over a century, and the entire running community is eager to continue the excitement of this year’s race through April of next year — 188 away. Just a day.”

This year, the marathon has made some changes to account for general health, such as the rolling start, which many runners have praised. With the next race just half a year away, WCVB race officials said These decisions will need to be made soon by 2022, and they will continue to consult public health and safety experts.

“We don’t know where COVID will affect us or not, but having gone through it the way we did today, we are very confident that 2022 will be equally successful,” said Chris Trovanos, Marathon Medical Services Coordinator. .

Boston Athletic Association Published dates for the next eight marathonsAll are scheduled for Patriots Day. The Boston Marathon 2023 qualification window opened on September 1.

“Athletes from around the world strive to earn a spot at the starting line for the Boston Marathon each year,” said Tom Grelick, BAA President and CEO, in the June issue. “Coming back to racing on the third Monday in April 2022 will certainly be one of the most anticipated races in the history of the Boston Marathon.”

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