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What went wrong: Apple Watch Series 7 Rumors Edition.

Going into Apple’s fall, the excitement usually revolves around the new iPhones. This year, however, Apple Watch stole some of the iPhone’s Spotlight, due to reports, leaks and rumors that it was being significantly redesigned.

The biggest surprise during Apple’s “California Streaming” event was the new Apple Watch, not because of the features or design involved, but instead, the features and design that it didn’t.

Flat edge design? Not so fast …

In the weeks and months leading up to the event, credible reports from reputable journalists and writers suggested that the new Apple Watch would play a flat-edged design. The first time we heard about the redesign of the 2021 Apple Watch was from Apple analyst Ming Chi Koo, who came to Apple in September 2020, exactly one year before Apple’s “California Streaming” event. I said the new watch would get a “significant redesign”. “In 2021” as soon as possible.

In the months following Koo’s report, rumors about the 2021 Apple Watch were quiet and stagnant as the focus shifted to more immediate products to be released in 2020. The second time we heard or saw an alleged redesign for the Apple Watch, it was by Apple Pro June Processor. , Who introduced an Apple Watch in May with a completely flat edge, similar to the iPhone and iPad.

Processor Apple Watch Series 7.

In a video shared with Renders, Prosser noted that he thinks Renders showcased the Apple Watch Series 7, provided Kou has previously mentioned a major redesign. The processor, at the time, however, could not confidently label the upcoming design of the Apple Watch, but became increasingly confident in doing so over the weeks and months.

Apple Watch S7 Silver.

A little later, in June, Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman reports on several aspects of the “Apple Watch Series 7” that turned out to be correct. In his first report for the new watch, Gorman noted that it would have a larger display with thinner bezels, a new lamination technology and a faster processor. Gorman pointed out that the Ultra Wide Band capabilities will be updated in the Series 7, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

Later in reports and newsletters, Gorman reported that the “Apple Watch Series 7” will feature flat edges, confirming the processor’s previously shown renders. However, Gorman rightly said that the Series 7 will be equipped with new watch faces, bands and will feature significantly more pixels with a redesigned display.

Is there a charge of improper communication?

Apple Watch Series 7 aluminum color.

Given Koo, Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, and Laker-June Prosser, the most trusted source in Apple’s unreleased product plans, have all reported an Apple Watch, making it difficult to dispute its existence within the walls of Apple’s labs and offices. Is.

Apple Watch is a product that generates a lot of rumors and reports, especially targeting future health capabilities. Recent reports suggest that next year the Apple Watch, Series 8, will have more powerful health sensors and features. Our expectations and reports of a flat-edged design may have been mistakenly attributed to the 7 Series, whereas Apple’s full design was the goal of all 2022 plans.

Apple is a company that builds on annual repetitive improvements, and features to achieve even more comprehensive products, and that can’t be more accurate for the Apple Watch. With the Series 7, Apple is adding a larger display, better battery life and energy efficiency, and enhancing the Watch OS 8 experience. Seeds and advanced health sensors.

Alternatively, but most likely, Apple made last-minute design changes to the Apple Watch due to production issues. Two weeks before the announcement of the Series 7, a report revealed that Apple and its suppliers were struggling to reach the level of “satisfactory” quality of the device during “small-scale” production.

While some may speculate that with the small steps of the Apple Watch and the flat edges of the rumors, Apple may have to make sudden last-minute design changes, it is worth noting that Apple did not last years, but months. Plans and tests. Of course, it would be unprecedented and almost impossible for a company to change its plans so late.

One thing, of course, is whether or not the last-minute design changes in Series 7 are a special release. On Apple’s website, for example, the company lacks specifications for the new watch, with only marketing content boasting new and larger displays and features in the Watch OS 8‌.

The most surprising is the lack of information about the availability and pricing of the “Apple Watch Series 7”. Apple only says it’s coming at the end of this fall, with the door open for release until the end of November, and the lack of pricing information is beyond the starting price of $ 399.


Of course, we will never know what happened and whether Apple made last minute design changes, or whether all previous rumors and reports were for Series 8 instead of just Series 7. As mentioned above, Apple has not provided a date for availability or pricing for the Apple Watch Series 7 and could do so during its second rumor for the fall, now expecting the new Apple Silicon Max will be the headline.


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