What is an RTF file, and how do I open it?

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A file with .RTF file extension is a rich text format file. While a typical text file stores only plain text, RTF files may contain additional information about font style, formatting, images, and more. They are great for cross-platform document sharing as they are supported by many apps.

What is an RTF file?

RTF was created by the Microsoft Word team in the 1980’s. It aims to be a universal format that most word processors can use, making it easier for people to share Word documents with people who don’t use Word. It was also included as the default format used by Windows’s built-in WordPad app, which is a lightweight word processor.

Before they replaced HTML files, RTF was also used as the basis for Windows Help files.

Most word processors are able to read and write an RTF file, which means that if you create a file on Windows, you’ll be able to send it to a partner who uses a Mac, Linux, or Chromebook. Does without any hassle It is also widely used in other types of apps, such as email clients.

Microsoft stopped developing RTF in 2008, but it is still widely supported by apps on almost every operating system.

How do I open an RTF file?

The first thing to do is to double-click (or tap on a mobile) to open the RTF file directly.

You must have an app already installed or installed on your system to open RTF files. To get started, if you have any word processing apps installed – Microsoft Word, Labor Office, OpenOffice, AbiWord, and so on – you can open an RTF file with it.

Most file synchronization services – such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive – have built-in viewers that let you read at least one RTF file, even if you can’t edit it there. Although Google Docs allows you to edit RTF files.

And most operating systems have a built-in editor that can open RTF files. In Windows, this is WordPad. In Mac, you can use Apple Text Edit or Apple Pages. And unless you have something else installed (such as Microsoft Word), those apps will be the default for opening RTF files. For example, even with a recent Windows installation, double-clicking on an RTF file opens it in WordPad.

Example of an RTF file with multiple formats and styles.

Note: Although most Linux Destroys do not have a built-in RTF editor, you can definitely install something like LibreOffice.

This is much easier if you prefer to open RTF files with a different app than the one currently set by default. On Windows or Mac, just right-click on the file and you’ll see an “OpenWid” command or to select the app you want to use.

Here is the window that opens when you do this in Windows (Mac OS is like that). Displays a list of apps that can open RTF files. Just select the one you want to use. And you can choose “Always use this app to open .rtf files” to make this app the default.

Select the program that you want to open the RTF file on Windows.

How to convert RTF file.

Although many applications support RTF files, you may want to convert them to something else. You can’t change a file extension to do this – you have to change the file. In general, you want to convert it to the format used by your word processor. The easiest way to do this is to open the RTF file in this app, and then use it to save the app in a different format.

For example, if you open your RTF file in Microsoft Word and then use the Save As command, you will come to the Save As dialog box. You can then use the “Save as Type” drop-down menu to select from a group of different formats.

Change "Save as type." Replacing the RTF file.

If you do not have a full Word processor installed, you can try whatever comes with your OS. WordPad as a window, for example, does not offer as many formats as Microsoft Word, but there are still some useful ones.

When you see the RTF file on Windows, click. "File," Select "Save ad," And select "Other formats"

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