What Harry Winks did to Christian Romero highlights the anxiety Nuno Espirito Santo might want to avoid

There was no fear of Tottenham in the European Conference League on Thursday night after a convincing 3-0 win over Pacos de Ferreira.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s men were in the second leg of their playoff game 1-0 after last week’s game in Portugal, and they were in control of the pace from the first minute and probably should have won by more.

Harry Kane was the man who grabbed all the headlines as he doubled down just 24 hours after deciding to stay in North London, but it wasn’t just the Englishman who impressed him that night.

Harry Winks and Giovanni Lo Celso both took their chance in midfield after struggling in the first leg, with Jadid. Tottenham Signature Brian Gill looks racy in a new role opposite Kane.

Summer buddy arrives Christian Romero He also took his chance in the team on the night he started his first game at Tottenham Hotspur for his new club.

With four assists in the 2020/21 season for Atalanta, the Argentine came close to getting his first goal in a Tottenham shirt in the first 20 seconds as Kane hit his wonderful long ball and missed the goal by an inch.

Romero may be a center back through trade, but his stint in Italy has highlighted that he’s also made a huge impact in the final third.

Looking ahead through the midfield at times when he received the ball, the referee put an end to the forward lunge of the player in the middle of the first half as he was judged foul after a 50-50 challenge.

Christian Romero was a big presence in Tottenham’s defense against Pacos de Ferreira

Replays showed that the decision was harsh and the player was too unfortunate to fall back just as he was about to cross the halfway line and blast towards the Bacchus on a lightning fast break.

Putting himself at the back on the rare occasions when the guests had trouble with Spurs, Romero continued to move forward after the break.

This time the link was good with his compatriot Giovanni Lo Celso after making his way into the penalty area, and the central defender was unable to fulfill his role as the elegant midfielder tried to pick him up with a penalty kick.

Romero stepped back forward a minute later in his quest to attack and this resulted in the Winks having to step back and cover the gap next to Eric Dyer which he left open.

As much as Spurs fans would like to see Romero progress and create chaos in the opponent’s area over the course of his Spurs career, Holy Spirit You may not feel exactly the same way.

The Lilywhites have looked solid in defense so far this season in the Premier League, netting clean sheets in the 1-0 victories over Man City and Wolverhampton after impressive displays from the defence.

The head coach will want to maintain this position and this, unfortunately for Romero, could lead to the defender being more disciplined as Spurs seek to maintain their form at the back.

Showing that he is comfortable on the ball and strong on the tackle, the former Genoa player’s performance will give Espirito Santo something to think about ahead of Sunday’s game against Watford.

However, he may have to wait until after the first international break of the season to start his first Premier League game as it will be very difficult for either Dier or Davinson Sanchez to make way after their impressive starts into the classroom.

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The centre-back’s decision won’t be the only one Espirito Santo will have to make this weekend, with a number of players taking their chance on the side.

“I think we played a good game from the first minute,” the coach said in his speech Press conference after the match. “We didn’t allow any chances, we played good moves and scored early, and that makes things easier.

“We scored again and every moment the match was under control. Good individual performance and good play.

“In the second half we created chances, I think we have a lot of clear chances that we should do better. But we are really happy.”

Pairing well with three wins from four games since the start of the season, Espirito Santo will have a choice dilemma in his hands instead soon with all new signings pushed for the start.

Romero did just that against Pacos de Ferreira and he will hope it leads to a place in Tottenham XI sooner rather than later.


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