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What do Rangers do with Georgiev?


Match-winning goals with 0.7 seconds remaining on the clock are very rare… and from a defensive man. It almost never happens. Well, this team of Rangers continues to look for new ways to win after this Sunday night thriller Thanks to Ryan Lindgren. As the team roams the victory column at 11-4-3, they still have a big question mark when it comes to their reserve goalkeeper position. What are they doing with Alexander Georgiev?

To answer that question and delve into all things Blueshirts, we bring you a special Thanksgiving week Tuesday edition of the “Up In The Blue Seats” podcast with Ron Duguay and Mollie Walker. With two games ahead against the Islanders, including the Rangers-Islanders’ first game at the UBS Arena on Wednesday, we thought it was a good time to bring Islanders legend Denis Potvin into the show. He still hears the ‘Botvin is disgusting’ chant 35 years later.

Up In The Blue Seats Podcast with Ron, Molly, and Jake:

  • Second win: Lindgren continues to present head-to-head plays. Adam Fox continues to impress and has been big on that goal. Although this team isn’t always pretty, this one scores wins.
  • Target: The Rangers were cautious with Igor Shesterkin, which led to him being discontinued. Georgiev was not what he was. They need to find someone else in or outside the organization to replace him.
  • UBS ARENA / Thanks: Molly says the UBS Arena is amazing and there are plenty of bathrooms, so there are no long lines anymore. The islanders did a great job with her. Ron will go to his ex-wife’s home in Arizona for Thanksgiving, then reveal his California gender to his daughter as she gives birth to a new baby.

Larry Brooks interview:
Senior NHL Reporter/Columnist

  • Georgiev: It needs a fresh start elsewhere. It lists some names that might make sense for Rangers to trade.
  • defense: They need to address their problems on defence.
  • Botvin: Memories have covered Potvin over the years and probably don’t give him enough credit for how amazing he is.

Denis Botvin interview:
Islanders legend, Hall of Famer, 4-time Stanley Cup champion

  • Botfin absorbs the odds: It is still heard today and is heard in various arenas, even at Wimbledon. It’s a badge of honour. Rangers fans are kind to him personally.
  • AL ARBOUR: He had a good relationship and was a great coach.
  • New Arena: The team struggles, but the arena is beautiful and the islanders have kept some similar things to the Nassau Coliseum so I got that feeling.
  • Rune play: Memories go up against Ron and Rangers.

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